Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham by MC Beaton

I’m not a fast reader as I read every word and comma but I started reading this one at bedtime last night and finished it this morning. As ever with Agatha Raisin, cat-loving grump that she is, it was an enjoyable romp, with Agatha being surprised by the reaction of some of the village women to an Evesham hairdresser. She sees fear on their faces and is told by some that they wouldn’t go near his salon, despite the fact that he is the best hairdresser in the town by far. Of course Agatha smells a rat and must get to the bottom of it.

In pursuit of the truth Agatha and her hair spend a lot of time being dyed, back-combed and such, so much so that I began to think that if there were a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Hair – I would definitely have reported her to it.

On the other hand – if I had been Agatha I would have expected to be awarded the George Cross for valour for being brave enough to frequent the various salons so often!

I got to the bottom of the mystery long before Agatha and company did but I think that that is part of the charm of the books and contributes to the popularity of them, people like to think they are smarter than the police and amateur detectives.

I’ll continue with the series now and again, just as I come across them in the library.