Armistice Day

Jack photographs any war memorials that we come across on our travels and we also visit cemeteries which have a Commonwealth War Graves plaque on the gates. Most recently we visited a local one at Leslie for the first time, it’s always the same – you tend to overlook the places on your doorstep.

An awful lot of cemeteries have just a few war graves, presumably those poor men were repatriated after being wounded or gassed. They had got a Blighty one – a wound that meant they would be sent home. But sadly they often died of their wounds – eventually.

As you can see the poor soul in the grave below didn’t die until 1920, even if he was wounded right at the end of the war that is still a long time to linger.

War Grave Leslie, Fife

Dunfermline War Memorials for Remembrance Day

The World War 1 Memorial is situated just to the south of Dunfermline Abbey.

World War 1 Memorial, Dunfermline

The Second World War Memorial is set into the south wall of Dunfermline Abbey grounds. Smaller and more secluded than the WW1 Memorial.

 World War 2 Memorial, Dunfermline