From the Fife Coastal Path

apath 1

Above is a wee section of the Fife Coastal Path at Dalgety Bay, this isn’t a typical section of it though as there aren’t many steps on the path.

aMich daisies

I took a photo of these Michaelmas daisies by the side of the path as they’re a much more vibrant colour than the ones in my own garden.


I had to zoom in a couple of times to get this one of Oxcar lighthouse which stands in the middle of the Firth of Forth. Scotland’s lighthouses were very difficult and dangerous building projects, as you can imagine from the location of this one. If you want to learn more you might enjoy reading Bella Bathurst’s book, The Lighthouse Stevensons.


The sun was shining on Leith as this wee tug went up the Forth towards the bridges, you get a good view of them from here but I didn’t take any photos of them that day, I have so many already.

aship 2 Artemis Glory

Two minutes later the sun had disappeared when I took the photo of this tanker Artemis Glory which was anchored by a pontoon, waiting for its turn to be loaded up with gas or whatever its cargo was to be.

bEdin skyline 1

And the one above is of the Edinburgh skyline as seen from Dalgety Bay in Fife.