Braefoot and Dalgety Bay/Firth of Forth

Are you ready for another wee walk? Last Saturday was one of those dazzling bright days which you only seem to get by a coast, so we decided to drive along to Dalgety Bay for a wee bit of a change of coastal view. We had intended going to see St Bridget’s Kirk which is a very old church ruin. We’ve been passing a sign pointing to it for donkey’s years but have always just wheeched past on our way to Dalgety Bay. The photo below is of Braefoot Bay terminal as seen from Dalgety Bay.

Braefoot Bay

The sailing club is very close to where we were standing and as you can see, just to the right of Braefoot there were some yachts sailing about, it was a great day for it as the sun was actually quite warm, amazing for the time of year. I’ve never seen more than one or two yachts at a time together but this lot seemed to be taking part in a sort of sailing equivalent of an eightsome reel, it looked like good fun.

yachts in the Firth of Forth

Here they are a bit closer.

yachts  in the Firth of Forth

And again.

yachts in the Firth of Forth

We realised that due to there only seeming to be the one signpost pointing to St Bridget’s Kirk we had ended up going in completely the wrong direction. I suggested walking to St David’s Harbour to have a look at the information board there which has a map.

The result of that was we had to retrace our footsteps and go along a bit of the coastal path that we hadn’t visited before to reach the old kirk, but more of that walk tomorrow.