Ironbridge, Shropshire, England

Ironbridge, Bridge

A couple of years ago when we visited Ironbridge for the first time we were really disappointed because the famous iron bridge was completely swathed in scaffolding and plastic while it underwent major refurbishment. We were luckier this time. The bridge was the first cast iron bridge to be made, way back in 1779 and it is beautifully elegant for something so solid and strong. It spans the River Severn, which didn’t look quite as slow and sludgy on this visit, it was a brighter day and there had probably been less rain – we’ve made up for it since then!

River Severn, Ironbridge, Shropshire

You get a good view of part of the town from the bridge, the buildings seem Georgian to me. Just a wee bit to the right of the photo there’s a good secondhand bookshop.

Ironbridge from bridge

Ironbridge is popular with tourists, well it’s a scenic town and a good place to stop and stretch your legs a bit. It isn’t annoyingly busy though and there are several museums that you can visit if you’re so inclined.

Ironbridge from bridge

This town is regarded as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution so I imagine it’s a lot cleaner than it was way back then when there must have been smoke belching out of the various factory chimneys. It seems so rural nowadays, with all the trees and greenery.