Wooler, Northumberland

When we travelled down to England during the October holidays we passed a sign which pointed to the town of Wooler, it was described as a medieval market town. I thought it sounded lovely so we decided to take a look at the place when we were on our way back home. So after visiting Cragside we stopped off to take a look at Wooler, and here it is, well the main street anyway. If you’re interested in its history have a look here.

Wooler looking north

As you can see it’s just a typical stone built town, quite Scottish looking although it’s actually on the English side of the border, well it’s English now but it’s the sort of place which was always being fought over. We couldn’t find any signs of any medieval buildings, if they’re there they’re well hidden. But the surrounding countryside is lovely, have a look at their community website here to see some more of the area.

Although the town doesn’t look too promising shop wise I did start my Christmas shopping here in one of the several gift/antiques shops, and the owner was very friendly. She told us that it was Wooler weather, in other words the wind was absolutely freezing, a feature of the town apparently. There is a second-hand bookshop too, but sadly it was closed, I suspect we’ll be going to Wooler again when we go back to visit Cragside.

Wooler looking south