A Winter Walk in Fife, Scotland

Frosty fields in Fife, Scotland

I think we’ve just had the mildest Christmas and New Year which I can ever remember with temperatures around about 10 Celsius but in between those days we had some really cold and frosty ones. In fact the temperature has been going up and down like the proverbial tart’s knickers!

Frosty field

These photos were taken when we went out for a walk to blow off the festive cobwebs during that limbo between the two celebrations. We gave up trying to walk on the pavements which were like skating rinks. Luckily we can opt to dodge the pavements altogether and walk on the adjacent woodland and scrubland. The two photos above were taken from exactly the same spot, just pointing in different directions, very grey looking in one direction but the sun is shining on the trees in the other direction, highlighting the red of the dogwoods.

Below you can see that there is a culvert gushing rainwater into the burn, the previous few days had been very wet and warm, the water must be draining off the surrounding land. It wasn’t at all frosty close to the burn.

a burn in Fife, Scotland

Well the walk helped us to feel better after the Christmas overeating, I’d far rather have a good walk than go for a jog. In fact that would kill me!