Goodreads Challenge Completed

A couple of weeks ago I realised that I had overshot my Goodreads Challenge goal. I had only signed up to read 80 books this year so that I wouldn’t be under any pressure come the end of the year, and end up only reading slim volumes in order to reach my goal. You can have a look at what I’ve read so far this year here. For some reason Rumer Godden’s Battle of the Villa Fiorita appears twice.

I think I’m now at around 90 books read. It sounds like an awful lot but I do read every word and don’t read that quickly, it’s just that I’m now at that stage in life when I have the luxury of time to sit down and read more or less when I want to, reading certainly comes before housework!

I plan to get stuck into some hefty classics between now and Christmas, including some Anthony Trollopes and Walter Scotts. I think I’m getting close to completing my Classics Club Challenge of 50 classic books. I hope to get that finished by the end of the year but I will still continue with reading classics after that and just keep adding to my list.