Haworth Church, Yorkshire

Church 3

I couldn’t go to Haworth and not take some photos of the church which is more or less right next to the parsonage. The Brontes were actually buried inside the church, I suppose that’s one of the ‘perks’ of having the minister as your father! As the church isn’t usually open it means that most visitors to Haworth don’t actually get to see the Bronte stones, presumably there are inscriptions.

Church 1

Ever since I read years ago that Patrick Bronte didn’t take his meals with his family I’ve had a real dislike for the man and when I went on the tour of the house a couple of years ago the guide’s talk made me dislike Pa Bronte even more.

I suppose we can expect Victorian men to be selfish as a matter of course but I think he must have been worse than most and I think when his poor wife died, probably of cervical cancer and after being worn out by him and constant pregnancies, it must have been quite a relief for the poor woman in the end. It wasn’t long before Patrick Bronte started proposing marriage to other women, luckily none of them were daft enough to accept him.

Church 2

According to the guide he also had a habit of leaning out of the parsonage windows and taking pot shots at the church tower with a gun! It’s certainly pock-marked with what looks like bullet damage, I think he must have had more than a few screws loose.