Visit Scotland 2014/Rab C. Nesbitt/Dick Emery

I did mention a wee while ago that 2014 is going to be a big year in Scotland, in fact it’s a Homecoming Year as well as being our Independence Referendum year. You can read all about some of the events which will be going on throughout Scotland at the Visit Scotland site.

If you are feeling fraught at the moment what with the stress of the coming season you might like to cheer yourself up with a look at some old Scottish comedy from Rab C. Nesbitt. You can see him having a wee bit of a rant below. Anyone who has trouble understanding David Tennant’s accent might find this interesting!

Just to even things up I’m mentioning an English comedian too as
it has come to my notice that Dick Emery didn’t make it to the US in the way that Benny Hill did. If you want to see some of his sketches have a look below, they’re mostly from the 1970s, my favourite decade, although the first one is the 60s I think. One of his most popular characters was Mandy, who never did master the art of walking in high heels, that’s the one thing I have in common with ‘her’.