Blast from the Past – Beveridge Park Kirkcaldy Postcards –

Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy is a lovely park which was designed and built in Victorian times. They usually involve a lot of land and land being so expensive nowadays they’re a thing of the past, but apparently if you live near one it makes your home much more desirable. We used to live a two minute walk from this one so whenever I came across old postcards of Beveridge Park I snapped them up for my album. This blogpost will probably only be of interest to Langtouners – natives of Kirkcaldy in Fife, or people who know and love the park.

Beveridge Park Gates, Kirkcaldy

The postcard below is of the long gone bandstand, it’s such a shame that most of these elegant bandstands were ripped down, mainly in the 1960s and 70s I think. Possibly some were demolished during the World War 2 scavenge for metal for the war effort.

Beveridge Park bandstand

The next postcard is of what we have always called the duck pond, but I see that it is described as ‘the lake’ on the postcard, it hasn’t changed much.

Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy

The following one shows the original layout of the formal part of the park.

Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy

This last postcard is the only one which has actually been postally used and it bears a postmark – May 12 08. So it’s 110 years old. The bottom part of the photo looks very different nowadays because there are enormous trees there now.

Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy, Fife

Postcards from Hawaii

I have quite a collection of old postcards, but they’re mainly of places that I or my family have some sort of link with so they evoke memories of times past.

Postcards of Hawaii

My blogpal Pearl was kind enough to send me three from the gorgeous state of Hawaii which is where she lives. Lucky her, I hear you say. I thought it was just going to be one, as the first one to arrive through the post was the Obamaland card – a great choice. I know he isn’t popular in the US but when you’re finished with President Obama could we have him over here please as he can’t be worse than what we have at the moment politician-wise!

I was surprised to receive another postcard the next day, the Pearl Harbor card. This is a name which I’ve been familiar with all my life as my mother’s birthday was December 7th and she always said Pearl Harbor whenever she was asked for her date of birth, so it was lovely to see the actual place.

A third exotic card arrived four or five days after that one, so I was more than a wee bit surprised when Pearl said she had posted the cards all together. I just can’t imagine why they wouldn’t arrive all at the same time then, it’s a mystery. But they did arrive which is something to be thankful for, they weren’t lost in the post.

It took them between 11 and 16 days to get to Scotland, as I recall. It seems a long time for airmail, especially when you consider that it only takes four or five days for post to reach Australia from Scotland. I wonder if they hold back postcards deliberately, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Anyway, thanks again for the postcards Pearl, they fairly brighten up my collection!