Problem at Pollensa Bay by Agatha Christie

Problem at Pollensa Bay is a collection of eight short stories by Agatha Christie. They were written between the years 1925 up to 1971 and they feature Poirot and Parker Pyne as detectives. As you would expect, they’re all entertaining and for me anyway this book made perfect bedtime reading.

The eight stories are:

Problem at Pollensa Bay (1936)
The Second Gong (1932)
Yellow Iris (1936)
The Harlequin Teaset (1971)
The Regatta Mystery (1936)
The Love Detectives (1926)
Next to a Dog (1929)
Magnolia Blossom (1925)

Yellow Iris, which was first published in Strand Magazine was expanded into the novel Sparkling Cyanide in 1945. I’ve seen it umpteen times on TV with Poirot as the detective, but I think it would still be interesting to read it, just to see how Christie went about padding it out into novel size. Also the blurb says that the book doesn’t feature Poirot, so now I’m intrigued. I plan to read that one sometime anyway.