River Esk, Musselburgh, East Lothian

Last week, on our way back from Tyninghame, we stopped off in Musselburgh. I had never been there before, apart from just driving through it. As towns go it does have a plus as far as I’m concerned, in the shape of the River Esk which runs through the town. You can walk to it easily from the High Street.

River Esk and Bridge

I love the old bridge in this photo. I don’t know how many bridges there are over the River Esk in Musselburgh, but I’m sure I saw three within a short distance of each other.

River Esk and bridge

I love rivers so as you can see I had to get down there for a closer look. It was lovely and clear and very low due to the unusually dry weather we’ve been having. Obviously Jack took this photo and the more modern bridge in the background is the one I was standing on to take the previous photo of the old bridge.

River Esk

And the photo above is one just of the river. The planting on the banks of the river is lovely I think, all very cottage gardenish. It has a much more informal and natural look than the bedding plants which are usually plonked out by carried out by local councils.

Here’s a stitch of the two photos of the river. It gives more of an impression of the view.

River Esk Panorama

The houses here have a great location, view wise anyway, but I would worry about that river getting too friendly and coming to visit in very wet weather.

For some reason I had the impression that Musselburgh was quite posh but it isn’t at all, it’s just a typical Scottish town, so boring and unbeautiful that I didn’t take any photos of it. I did have a look in an estate agent’s window and was surprised that the house prices were quite reasonable considering that the town is just a very short drive from Edinburgh, but I don’t see us settling down in any of the Lothians. So the search continues, definitely looking to the west, a wee bit further anyway.