Perth, Scotland

Whenever I Google Perth the one in Australia pops up but it’s the original one which we visit. I was looking for secondhand bookshops and looking at a map thinking – I don’t recognise anything here, no wonder, it was in the Antipodes. And if you’re interested, the Oxfam bookshop seems to be the only secondhand one in Perth.

Perth is one of the places we’ve been looking at with a view to moving there, it’s a city, but quite a small one and is close to some fantastic countryside. The only worry is that the place is prone to flooding. The photo above is of the River Tay and it flows past the High Street. As you can see, it was a lovely blue sky day when I took this one last Friday.

They have spent loads of money on a flood defence system which seems to be working. The whole riverside has been done up and looks very smart, modern but stylish.

The above photo is a close up of one of the bridges at the top of the Perth High Street area. Although we like Perth we decided against moving there, we looked at four or five houses which were quite nice but they were all located close to something called ‘The Lade’ which when we were there was a fairly menacing small river. One of the houses was just about 10 yards away from it and I could imagine that The Lade might be a frequent visitor to the house. I was assured that this wouldn’t happen but I know that in heavy rain I would just worry my head off about being inundated by it.

The photo above is of the top of the High Street, before you get to the shops and the River Tay is just opposite this building.

The photo above is of a pedestrian precinct just off the High Street, it was about 4 o’clock when I took this photo. It’s a strange thing but in Perth all the shoppers disappear home very early. At the end of the street you can just see the Salutation Hotel, Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed there when they were planning the 1745 Rebellion.

Above is a close up of the hotel, which is in need of a bit of buffing up before the tourist season begins, if you ask me. I’ve been told that it’s very nice inside though.

The photo below is of the other side of the River Tay. I took all of the river photographs within a very short distance of each other, just pointing the camera in different directions. It’s a lovely riverside I think, but the houses that we viewed weren’t tempting enough to make us want to live there. We’ll just keep Perth as a great place to visit for a day out.