Mixter, maxter

It’s all mixter maxter was a favourite phrase of my mother’s, it means it’s all mixed up, or something is in a bit of a mess. Anyway, it describes this post as it’s a mixture of unrelated things which I meant to put on Pining at some point, but didn’t get around to.

Back at Christmastime I think I did mention that I don’t like those newfangled led lights which decorate our high streets nowadays, so cold compared with the bright warmth of the big coloured light bulbs of the past. No doubt the new ones are a lot more ecological and I suppose to the wee ones who haven’t witnessed the old ones there’ll still be something magical about the lights. This is what Kirkcaldy High Street looked like at Christmas 2013.

Back to the summer, and 2013 was a rare good one for us. These cacti are on one of my kitchen window sills. I think you either love or hate cacti and I’ve always loved them, the photo below is of a couple from my collection, it always amazes me that they bloom so beautifully.

Meet McNulty the cat, the most recent member of our extended family. I must admit that I’m more of a dog person, mainly I suppose because I’ve never had any dealings with cats but Gordon and Laura got McNulty from the Cat Protection League and he is settling in with them very well. In fact I think it’s safe to say that McNulty, named after a character in The Wire, has fallen on his paws as he is king of the castle now.

And he has a fine choice of chairs to laze on. McNulty is a bit of a mystery cat as nothing is known about him at all, he was taken to the cat protection people by a woman who said he kept trying to get into her house, but he wasn’t her cat. He is however quite overweight so someone had been feeding him. The vet has put him on a diet and he miaows pitifully for about an hour before dinner, but Gordon is firm and won’t give in to him, it’s for his own good.

In fact Laura says that McNulty reminds her of Six Dinner Sid, which is a book written by Inga Moore about a cat who gets meals from lots of different people. If like me you haven’t even heard of the book you can listen to the story on you tube below.