A Tree Trunk at Studley Royal, Yorkshire

I love stone walls and stone in general and trees too, so when I saw this tree growing through a wall in the grounds of Studley Royal/Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire I just had to snap it for posterity.

a tree root

I ‘collect’ organic textures with the intention of converting them into some sort of textile at some point in the future. Embroidery, needlepoint, collage or maybe I’ll just try my hand at drawing it. It’s the first thing like this which I’m putting on to my organic textures Pinterest board but I have lots more to add when I get around to it. Maybe other people will find it interesting too.

I’m impressed by the tree’s determination to survive in a hostile atmosphere, and its problems have just made it more beautiful. I should have turned the camera up and snapped the actual tree – but I didn’t, silly me!