Wimbledon and Weather Meanderings

I’ve been glued to the Wimbledon coverage on TV when I haven’t been out in the garden taking advantage of the lovely blue sky and warm sunshiney weather which we’ve been having, cooling sea-breeze and all.

Maybe this is going to be Andy Murray’s year after all. As he says, he has beaten Nadal on quite a few occasions in the past – so fingers crossed. I was hoping that Mardy Fish would win against Nadal, it’s just nice to see new people in the mix but apart from that he has the most peculiar name.

I’ve been watching some of the women but I just can’t get enthused by it really. I find the high pitched shrieks very annoying, but apparently they’re necessary.

The high spot for me has been Jo Wilfried Tsonga because he has such a friendly and jocular personality and it’s good to see a real character coming through. There used to be so many characters but they’ve been thin on the ground for years now. I watched the match but I could still hardly believe that he had put Federer out.

I know that it’s just as well that we’re all different, but I can’t agree with Judy Murray when she describes Feliciano Lopez as deliciano. Strange really because I like men with beards and I was married to my husband for nearly 30 years before I saw him without his beard – and I can tell you it was a big shock!

Apart from the tennis I’ve been hard at it in the garden, getting things done while I can, just in case these last three days are our summer. Yes, we’ve had three sunny days in a row now – which has been unheard of for the last few years. The school holidays are just about to start in this part of Scotland and we’ll be footloose and fancy free for the next six weeks. Let’s hope the weather keeps up!