A Woodland Walk

A couple of weeks ago we headed out for a woodland walk in Balbirnie, taking a route less well travelled by us as it can get a wee bit boring stravaiging along the same paths all the time. Dust down your virtual walking shoes and accompany me!

Balbirnie path

It was a hot day but setting off through the woodland it wasn’t long before the dappled shade and greenery brought some respite from the humidity.

Balbirnie woodland, Markinch, Fife

Back into strong sunlight, it looks like these trees are dead but the tops are nice and green looking.

Balbirnie Woodland, Markinch, Fife

You’re never far from a golf course in Fife and the Balbirnie course can be seen through the trees below. Someone told me that there are 53 18-hole golf courses in Fife and nobody has ever bothered to count the 9-hole courses – I can believe it!
Balbirnie golf course, Markinch, Fife

I always stop to scrutinise the burn when I reach it, living in hope of seeing some fish, but I’ve only seen a couple over the five years I’ve been that I’ve been looking.
Balbirnie burn, Markinch, Fife

Apparently it’s something to do with the lack of gravel on the bottom that means there’s nowhere for fish to lay their eggs. The environmental people are hoping to sort that out eventually.
Balbirnie burn side, Markinch, Fife

However I did spot this frog, so dark and completely unlike any others I’ve seen before. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and thought it was a piece of bark falling off the tree but it turned out to be this frog who realised he had been spotted and was in a tough spot, so I quickly snapped this photo and left him or her in peace.

Balbirnie frog, Markinch, Fife

A rural road skirts the woodland, leading to the for me anyway romantically named village of Star of Markinch.

Fife road , (Star Road)

I hopped across the road to get a better view of the fields. It looks like the harvest has been quite a good one.

Fife Field  stitch

Back over the road again and into the woodland.

Stobcross road , Fife

I had only seen one redwood tree before but coming from a different direction I saw it was actually two planted very closely together, it seems strange.
redwoods, Balbirnie Woodland, Fife

Some doctors here have taken to prescribing patients suffering from anxiety and stress a woodland walk, instead of medication. ‘Bathing’ in forests is becoming quite trendy – and it works I think. I hope you’ve enjoyed this relaxing woodland walk. We did anyway!
Balbirnie woodland, Markinch, Fife

Heatherhall Woods, Fife

We had been planning on going on our first hillwalk of the season last Saturday but the bracing breeze from the north made us think again. It was freezing.

So we pointed the car towards Ladybank and ended up taking a walk around Heatherhall Woods which is a managed woodland owned by Fife Council. It’s a very tame walk and so I suppose it is good for people who want to take small children for a walk.

I can’t say that we saw much in the way of wildlife though. There are supposed to be red squirrels around there but the only thing we saw was a crow, and I heard a pigeon. It seemed bereft of wildlife even compared with our teeny wee back garden, which is usually teeming with birds.

But the trees are nice there, mainly pine trees which should suit red squirrels. I think they could maybe be doing with having some smaller trees for wee birds to perch on, although they do have silver birch.

Holly trees would be good for the birds. Ours is always stuffed full of them. You can’t see any birds as they are all hidden in it but they certainly like to make themselves heard.

I’m hoping that it will be warm enough to go up a hill soon. We’re definitely fair weather walkers.