Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

Waterfall, Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

I didn’t take an awful lot of photos when we were at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens the other day but I liked this one of the burn (small river) which tumbles down to the large pond.

Swan 1

There were a couple of swans in the pond and the usual ducks. I don’t remember the swans from before though, so they may just have flown in, as it’s that time of the year.


The rhododendrons are flowering well and they are much further ahead than the ones in my own garden. I suppose my garden isn’t as sheltered as the botanics, or maybe I just have later flowering varieties.

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

  1. Rhododenrons in blossom? I can’t believe how far north Edinburgh is in latitude, though we, between 43 and 44 degrees N latitude are still having snow! We are warming, however. It did rain some, but then it snowed some. We’re still snowshoeing and our spring migrating birds are staying clear of us for the moment! Yet the streams are running, always a sure sign for us of the spring to come. I’m always sorry to see winter go. I’m a weird one, I’m afraid.

    Hoping you are well!


    • Judith,

      We might get more snow yet, but if we do it shouldn’t be around for long. I wouldn’t mind the snow if our house wasn’t so old and difficult to heat with high ceilings, big windows and draughts from all directions! The birds are busy nesting.
      I’m fine and hope you are too and that you’re busy enjoying your spring break.

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