Spring Garden Again

Today the weather has been horrible as the east coast of Scotland has been enveloped in sea mist or as they call it here ‘haar’. So while the rest of Britain has been enjoying lovely warm sunshine I’ve been shivering the whole day and watching the mist tumble past the window.

Yesterday it was beautiful, almost like summer and thankfully I took some photographs of my garden whilst the sun was shining. This one is of one of my pieris shrubs, I think this one is called Forest Flame. The tall white flower is Honesty but most people only know of the lovely silvery seed heads which this flower will turn into in a few weeks time. It always seems magical to me and the great thing is that the flowers seed themselves around the garden. Sadly the purple ones don’t seem to be so prolific so there are always fewer of them.

honesty + pieris

I love Acers and I’m really lucky that they thrive easily in my garden, despite being so close to the North Sea. The high wall protects them from the wind which burns the delicate leaves in more exposed situations. As you can see I took this photo before getting around to snipping off last year’s old lily stems. It’s looking tidier now.


Another acer which is looking a bit floppy at the moment because the leaves are still unfurling. Primulas, forget-me-nots and aquilegia are planted underneath it. All plants which happily come back year after year.

acer + primula

And this is the same acer from another angle. To the left is a clump of cranesbill geraniums and the small silvery standard tree is a willow. I’m not sure about that one because the rest of the garden looks so natural and standards are so unnatural and contrived looking, but I love the velvety foliage and catkins.

acer + honesty

That’s just a few of the photos which I took yesterday so I’ll be doing another garden post in a few days time.

6 thoughts on “Spring Garden Again

  1. What a lovely garden! You have many of my favorites, too: geraniums, acers, pieris, aquilegias. And I love your beautiful stone walls.

    I’ve been so buy with the sick cat that I just noticed last night that my pot of Princess Irene tulips are bout to bloom. Some people don’t like the orange and purple combination, but, somehow, it looks rich to me. The pot of muscari paradoxum, deep midnight blue, is also blooming. I really must take the time to look around!

    • Joan,

      I’m going to miss the stone walls when we move from here. I think that orange and purple sounds a bit of a nightmarish combination but somehow it works with flowers. I had lovely orange and purple pansies last year. The muscari in my garden should be blooming in a few days.

  2. Pretty! We just got 2 inches of snow yesterday (it’s all melted already, but still!) and the trees don’t have leaves yet but the crocuses are blooming and soon the tulips will be too.

    • Stefanie,
      I half expected snow at Easter but the forecast is good for once. Our tulips are out now but some of my trees have no leaves at all, the liquidamber and rhus trees are always very late. I hope it warms up for you soon!

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