Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

Last Saturday was a lovely day and as we tend to think that every good day should be treasured and not taken for granted, we decided to visit Newburgh and have a walk around. We had been there before but had really not been further than the main street.

Newburgh panorama

We were kind of thinking that it might be a possibility as a place to retire to but on second thoughts it’s just too remote and far from what I regard as civilization (Glasgow) even further north and no nearer the west. If you take a look here you’ll see that it’s right at the opposite end of the county from Kirkcaldy and is on the River Tay. The riverside is well maintained with a nice picnic area and some lovely trees.

Trees on bank of River Tay at Newburgh

I was quite impressed with the place, they had obviously had a bit of a shindig in the community centre for the Royal Wedding the day before. So I think there must be a good community spirit there. The locals seemed to be friendly which is very unusual in Fife and Fifers are quite happy to admit that themselves. The saying in Scotland is that ‘It takes a lang spoon tae sup with a Fifer’. In other places the word Fifer is replaced by Devil!

Yachts on River Tay 2

The town is surrounded by quite nice hills and the River Tay is well used by local yachtsmen, which looked good fun. The Tay is looking manky at the moment or maybe it’s always like that there, in which case the city of Perth must be responsible for the muck because at Dunkeld which is north of Perth the Tay is lovely and clear.

Yachts on River Tay 1

So, the hunt continues!

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