Scottish words: thole

If you ‘thole’ something it means that you are just having to put up with it. It might be toothache if you can’t get to a dentist you have to thole it until you can.

If you have to be in the company of a person you really can’t stand then you just have to thole it.

When you married in haste and repented at leisure you used to have to thole it but now you can just get a divorce.

Thole is to bear or stand something.

2 thoughts on “Scottish words: thole

  1. I’m feeling very chatty this morning. I just ‘talked’ to you on your previous posting.

    On this one, is the word pronounced with a ‘th’ sound or with a hard ‘t’ sound? It’s an interesting word and I may try to work it into my vocabulary.

    • Joan,

      I love having a ‘chat’ with you. It’s definitely a ‘th’ sound and it rhymes with hole, bowl or soul. I often feel sorry for people learning to pronounce English as there are no rules. I can’t think of any word in Scots which uses a ‘t’ sound for th, although that is quite common in English.

      It’s the same with ‘wh’ which is always said with a ‘wh’ sound in Scotland whereas the English always say w. Then they get into trouble with words like whales and Wales or whether and weather, which (witch) according to them sound the same so it can be quite confusing!

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