Weather Update

The weather here has been terrible recently, it hasn’t been too wet but the wind has been scary and quite a few trees were blown down. I thought that my garden had managed to avoid any damage but my biggest Japanese Maple (Acer) withered at the top and on closer inspection I discovered that the top three feet of it had just snapped off but was still entangled in the rest of the tree. I wish I had noticed it earlier because I would have had a better chance of being able to use some of it for cuttings. I took cuttings anyway as it might still work.

Until today it has been cold, it’s difficult to believe that we’ve had May and we’re already in June. However today it was HOT! In fact it was 24oC which is 75oF – very bright and sunny and I planted my home grown tomato plants into the greenhouse border and I’m ever hopeful of a good crop.

What does the weather have in store for us tomorrow though? Can you believe that we are going to be dropping down to 14oC which is 57oF for the forecastable future? No wonder we all get ill with temperature fluctuations like that!

It’s typical holiday weather, we didn’t have last Monday off as everybody else seems to have had. This Monday is our holiday, but I’ve got a horrible feeling that today might just have been our summer. Looking on the bright side, at least I won’t be feeling too hot.

My garden is continuing to bloom and I hope to have some more photos on ‘Pining’ soon. The first rose opened today!

2 thoughts on “Weather Update

  1. So sorry for your odd weather! The weather is usually constant here in Arizona, but we’ve had a strange time of it this year as well. A very mild April and May and even rain in May! It never rains in May. And June has started out comparatively pleasant with temps around 95 F (it’s usually over 100 by now). It makes me apprehensive to think what the future holds for us climate-wise as our planet changes…

    • Anbolyn,

      For goodness sake 95 F !!! How can you survive it? I think the hottest I have ever experienced is around about 80 F and I have been known to get sunburn at 60 F. Arizona must be great if you’re a cactus plant, not so good for humans though. I know that there have always been strange weather blips over the years but I really think that it has gone beyond what could be regarded as normal and it’s quite scary!

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