North Queensferry, Fife

You might remember that I was completely cheesed off on Saturday because the weather was so horrible, wet and cold and it felt like November instead of June. So when we woke up on Sunday and the sun was actually shining we took the chance to get some fresh air without getting soaked and drove to North Queensferry for a bit of a walkabout. It’s quite a quaint wee place and has some really old buildings but there’s no ferry there now. The town, well I suppose it’s more of a village really, is situated in between the two bridges and the old ferry was also in between both. The queen which the town was called after was Queen Margaret who married Malcolm III. She often used the ferry when she was travelling from Edinburgh to the church which she had founded in Dunfermline, but the ferry was also used by Mary Queen of Scots when she escaped from the island in the middle of Loch Leven, one of her many escapes.

As you can see, these houses are situated right underneath the Forth Bridge. The owners probably bought them because they have a great view, if you’re into that sort of thing but I wouldn’t live in a house there, even if I got it for nothing!

Forth Bridge

This photo is of the Forth Bridge with a view of the island of Inchgarvie, which is uninhabited now but it has been used for centuries as a fortification and in World War II it had a gun emplacement on it. Obviously the Germans were keen to bomb the bridge but they didn’t manage.

Forth Bridge with Inch Garvie island behind

This is a photograph of the Forth Road Bridge, forever known as the SCARY bridge, as named by Joan Kyler. She’s right it is scary because as you drive along on it you can clearly see the sea underneath you, such is its design. It’s also scary because the cables are corroding and they are planning on building a new bridge because that one is having to cope with far more traffic than they ever expected it to. The two bridges are very close together and quite often there are whales swimming underneath them, but not this time, sadly.

Forth Road Bridge

The sun didn’t stay around very long and it was very windy as usual, but it was just nice to get out of the house and do a wee bit of beachcombing for some lovely sea glass.

I think the Bridge is quite beautiful considering it’s a big lump of iron.

Forth Bridge panorama

10 thoughts on “North Queensferry, Fife

  1. It is a lovely bridge, provided you have some distance while viewing it! I actually love bridges, especially suspension bridges, which are graceful and elegant. I just don’t like being on them. But the Forth Bridge is very scary because of the open roadwork part. I drove over it once, but never again!

    • Joan,
      I love bridges too, old or new. It’s just as well that you don’t live here, you just have to get used to it if you want to go to Edinburgh. It’s fine as long as there isn’t a hold up. Being stuck in a traffic jam on it is no fun!

  2. Makes my stomach turn even looking at the bridge, let alone crossing it!

    I often hear about it on the radio, being closed for high sided vehicles etc. However, I can see it is an amazing structure. Not sure I would want to live under it though.

    • Jo,
      The modernish road bridge is sometimes completely closed if the wind gets really fierce. It was closed for a while last month but so were the other big bridges in Scotland. I’m not happy at all about going over it when it’s windy, but I don’t suppose anybody is! The houses are underneath the railway bridge, definitely not my idea of a great location.

  3. Bridges, the scarier the better, are wonderful. The scariest ones, those that make you feel you’re going to drown any minute, are the most memorable. When I come to Scotland, I’ll definitely cross it, though I’d rather not be at the wheel.


    • Judith,
      I love looking over bridge parapets but only if they’re not too high up. I hate that feeling that you’re going to topple over the edge. It’s almost a compulsion to jump, and there’s no way you can survive a fall from this bridge. It’s a suicide hotspot! People often do charity walks across the road bridge but I haven’t walked across – yet. Let me know when you’re coming!

  4. Never crossed it, but had dinner nearby and have a photo and lovely pen and ink of it in my first Scotland scrapbook.

    Feel you on the weather. June 4 &5 – our only 2 days in Scotland (thanks to the damned Aer Lingus pilot union!)- were cold and damp. Bless SIL-to-be for grilling in spite of it all.

    I have that problem with heights – almost too attractive. The glass bottom things – like the Pearl Tower in Shanghai – are another thing entirely! (See my blog post of 6/4/09)

    • Pearl,
      I’ve just looked at all of pearlstuff 2009, you were busy and what great photos. For some reason I wasn’t able to leave any comments. I got error 404.
      I don’t think I would like to stand on a glass platform, I’d imagine it cracking up, scary.
      I love lighthouses too and I enjoyed your loo post. Public toilets are my personal nightmare, I’ve had some terrible experiences, even in Edinburgh. I have developed a very strong bladder!

      • A lot of people are having problems with commenting on blogspot — server problem on their end I think.

        I’ve been remiss in keeping up the blog…need to post some of my Ireland photos…what a beautiful country! I’ll email you the link to my online album (it’s a seperate website.) From there you can link through to some of my other travel albums.

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