Jacobean Embroidery Updated

 Jacobean Embroidery

As you can see I’ve finished embroidering the linen cushion cover which I started some weeks ago and I’m quite pleased with it. I like the really bright colours which are a feature of this sort of 1930s Jacobean design. It should brighten up a grey day and we certainly get plenty of them!

It was absolutely yonks since I had done any embroidering like this. I’ve been doing cross stitch and tapestry/needlepoint projects more recently but I must admit that I really enjoyed doing this kind of embroidery again and I now have a few more similar projects that I’m dying to get stuck into.

At first my stitching was quite dodgy really but I think that I improved as I progressed with it and I hope that the next thing I do will be better. I’m going to try using a finer needle with the hope that I’ll be able to manage more delicate stitching then.

4 thoughts on “Jacobean Embroidery Updated

  1. That’s so lovely. I have a few of this type of needlework that my grandmother did. They’re framed as artwork, which, like yours, they are. I did a bit of embroidery long, long ago, but I prefer needlepoint.

    I just started a small (6″ x 6″) petit point with a Halloween theme for my friend Jenny. I also bought a graph for a birth announcement for my beautiful little grandniece Grace. It’s quite daunting, though, lots going on (alphabet, Noah’s ark, the birth information). I hope I can finish it before she goes off to college!

    • Joan,
      Thanks! It’s lovely that you have some of your grandmother’s embroidery. I think I might frame the next design which I do. You’ll be doing well if you can get the design for Grace finished by the time she goes to college. I started an alphabet cross stitch which has Beatrix Potter characters all around it way back when I was pregnant with Duncan, he’s 25 now! I completed the alphabet bit really quickly but the BP characters had me going cross-eyed. Then the baby came along and what with all the nappy washing (determined to be green) and no sleep, the embroidery was put away. I’ll get it out again if I’m ever going to be a granny but I’m in no hurry for that! I love Noah’s ark designs it sounds lovely.

  2. That is beautiful.

    That is the trouble, once you get the bug for doing something you have to do more and more. Bit like reading really!

    I just love the colours in this piece. I hope to see more of your crafts.

    • Jo,

      Thanks! If everything goes to plan I will have more in the way of crafts on ‘pining’ in the future. It’s quite relaxing to do and easier than cross stitch really because you don’t have to concentrate on counting. It drives me nuts if I miss-count!

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