One of the places which I definitely wanted to visit on our recent road trip south was Stamford. For some reason I thought that it was where the BBC filmed Cranford but I was wrong, it was Middlemarch which was filmed in Stamford. It’s about 100 miles north of London but somehow seems much further away.

It’s a lovely place actually, not very big shop-wise but it has a lot of independent shops and it’s all very quaint. I wanted to take a photo of these buildings near the town centre because the wee white one in the middle was leaning every way it possibly could – backwards, forwards and from side to side – all at the same time!

Old buildings in Stamford,Lincolnshire

There were some quite grand looking buildings in the town but somehow I’m always drawn to the wee quaint ones which ordinary people will have lived in for centuries. We tried to get into this antiques shop, the lights were on, but nobody was at home!

An antique shop in Stamford

I don’t think a town is a proper town unless it has a river running through it and this one is very scenic.

The River Welland, Stamford

Swans and all! Although I have to admit that this is as close as I like to get to swans. They might look very elegant but in my experience the males are very bad tempered. There’s a particularly nasty one at Linlithgow Loch which just lives to hiss at you.
River Welland, Stamford

During all our visits down south we had no problems with parking, we usually managed to park legally and for free and very close to the town centres. At Stamford we were about a three minute walk from the town. It’s such a change for us because all of the towns in Scotland have seem to have pay and display car parks or parking meters. The local councils just don’t understand that it really puts people off visiting their towns if they have to worry about the expense of parking tickets and feeding meters then it doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience. No wonder our high streets are dying on their feet!

10 thoughts on “Stamford,Lincolnshire,England

  1. I like the quaint wee buildings too! Peebles only has pay to park rules in the car parks on Saturdays! The rest of the week you can leave your car in a carpark for free. Parking onstreet is a different matter! Well, you don’t pay to park unless you overstay your welcome! That should be 45 minutes. I actually only just paid a parking fine from last year! I had left my car on the High Street, forgotten it was there and taken the bus each day to a course was dong in Edinburgh over 5 days. I came back on the 4th evening to find a policewoman and some of my neighbours looking for me! They were all convinced I had popped my clogs. They did say Thank goodness you’re OK before telling me my car had been on the High Street for the week! I couldn’t believe I’d done that, but there it was! I only got one ticket too, and despite reminders to pay – eventually – I forgot about it! Just recently I got a call from the police to say I had to pay it! They were fine about it, even though I’d forgotten about it!

    • Evee,
      That is forgetful – almost as bad as leaving the wean parked outside a newsagent in its pram and leaving it there while you walk back home reading the paper, I know a bloke who did that! Kirkcaldy is terrible for parking, I don’t think it’s free at any time, and then they wonder why the high street is dying. I’m surprised you didn’t appear on Scotland Today as a missing person!

      • I probably would have! The neighbours and the police were banging on my door, trying to see through my windows – I’m in an upper flat – and were asking everyone if they’d seen me! In the morning when I went out I’d leave the hall light on so I could see coming home. I put it off at night but everyone goes to bed earlier than I do so they wouldn’t notice! Going out early , earlier than the neighbours were up, they didn’t see the light going on again! Surprised my downstairs neighbour didn’t hear me moving around!

  2. What a lovely little town! That little white building does somehow manage to lean every which way all the same time. We don’t have swans where I live but I have heard they can be mean. We have Canadian geese everywhere certain times of year. They can be rather large and mean and do the flocks ever make a big mess in the parks!

    • Stefanie,
      Oh yes, the geese here are mean too, I think the ones in our park are greylag geese and you have to tip-toe through the mess! Some stay all year and others fly off. One bit my youngest son when he was feeding the ducks. In Dumbarton, where I was brought up, they use white geese to guard the maturing whisky barrels, nobody would dare to step over the tiny hedge to get to the whisky!

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