Scottish Business Sense

We had intended going to Edinburgh on Saturday to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia but the weather has been terrible for about a week now with howling gales and I didn’t fancy going over the road bridge. It was closed to high sided vehicles which means that our wee car would be buffeted about on the bridge – scary!

So eventually we ended up in St Andrews, just to get out of the house really. I have a horrible feeling that we’ll be battening down the hatches soon when the ice and snow get here so we might as well go out while we still can.

This window sign amused me. Surely only in Scotland would a barber try to get your custom by offering you free whisky. Mind you, I think it’s a brilliant idea because not only will they probably get more customers – they’ll also be less likely to complain if they don’t like the haircut – because of course they’ll be ‘half-cut’ or semi drunk!

Whisky Enticement

The long things in the window are golf clubs – well it is St Andrews!

6 thoughts on “Scottish Business Sense

  1. That sign is hysterical! I think Jack (mine, not yours) would be half bald if that was the enticement to a haircut!

    And there you go again, reminding me of that frightening bridge! I can’t imagine anyone having the nerve to go over it in weather like you describe. It’s bad enough on a pleasant, calm day!

    • Joan,

      My Jack is going bald naturally so it’s just as well that he is more of a beer guy!

      They are supposed to be building another bridge as the present Forth Road bridge isn’t wearing very well!! I hope you can’t see the water through the road part of it when it’s finished.

  2. That made me chuckle!

    I hope the weather is not too bad and everyone is safe. I often hear them on the Radio 2 travel news about the bridges being closed to high sided vehicles and must remember you now.

    • Jo,

      I can’t really complain too much about the weather because although it has been very windy and wet at least there is no flooding in this area. It has been pretty bad in south-west Scotland and up north too. It’s especially annoying when bridges are closed if you are expecting a delivery van from Edinburgh as I was the other day, then you realise that they won’t be able to get over to Fife. It feels like you’re on an island. Marooned!

  3. We parked right outside tht barber’s shop when we were there recently! We loved the sign too! Did you find the Potting Shed, a gardening shop, in an old garage I’d say! I bought a plastic Ali Baba pot for the garden there.
    Ach, the bridge isn’t so bad for cars even when high sided vehicles are banned! We’re low down and behind the barriers. I know what you mean about the seeing the water bit! Not too keen on that! Don’t worry, drivers, it’s really OK!

    • Evee,
      Yes I know the gardening shop. St Andrews is the only place in Fife that I would like to live, we go there a lot but now the house prices are enormous so we’d have to win the lottery. Oh no, I’m not keen at all to go over the bridge in gales, just think of all those cables which are corroding!

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