What’s Occurring?!

I seem to have been doing quite a lot recently but not really getting anywhere – does that happen to you? Last week was one of those times which are full of small traumas. I had to have two small fillings which wouldn’t normally bother me but our old dentist has moved on so it was a newly qualified dentist, so that was a bit of a worry but I survived.

Then I had a chap in from the electricity company to fit a new isolator switch which had to be done before another sparky could come later this week to do more work. I hate having things like that done in the house, especially when it costs you £152 for ten minutes work.

The de-cluttering is continuing and another very large piece of Victorian furniture has been found a good home, but not before the removal men managed to bump into a dresser full of china and break four pieces, AARGH!

When I realised that we were in for some very heavy winds I thought that it was about time that the huge laurel branch which was towering over the greenhouse had better be cut down before it was blown onto the aforementioned greenhouse. Jack did the cutting last weekend while I hauled on ropes hoping to stop it from collapsing onto the greenhouse or into our neighbour’s garden. Some hope! Everything happened so quickly and the tree was so heavy that I couldn’t pull it nor could I get my hands out of the nylon rope twisted round them. Anyway, the tree collapsed into next door and my hands, particularly my left one were damaged in the process, so painful – especially as my hands were very cold. Our neighbour was very good about the mess in his garden.

So apart from swollen bruised and bloody hands I also managed to mash up my engagement ring, one of those daisy flower type ones which were popular in the 1970s. The flower head is now at a very strange angle and it dug a hole in my finger and the shank is all twisted but it is still in one piece, luckily so is my hand. The swelling has gone and I’m just bruised and scabby now. I don’t know if I should have a go at straightening my ring myself.

I’ve been painting woodwork again and we’re having a new carpet fitted in the dining-room later this week, maybe I’ll be able to think about hauling out the Christmas decorations after it’s done. Everybody else seems to have their trees up already.

I did manage to write the cards and they’ve all been sent off, a minor miracle. I just can’t get in the mood for Christmas this year. How about you?

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  1. Oh dear! Not such small traumas – your poor hands. I’m glad glad you survived the dentist! We’ve been painting a bedroom, ready for the family to stay at Christmas and somehow that means that the whole house is in a tip. I’ve sent the cards, but that is all – no tree up yet,but the box of decorations has made its way down from the loft. I’m not in the mood yet for Christmas – it just seems like a lot of hassle! The snow has gone, but it’s freezing here now.

    • Sorry about your wounds and power problems. Irritating, I know. I’d recommend using a professional jeweler for that ring.

      My tree is up but still naked. I got my nutcrackers out, and my small Santa collection.

      But I focused on finishing up the packages that need shipping last weekend (of course my UK set went out before Halloween (take THAT parcel farce!!) Of course, to get Mom’s out, I had to first bake my fruitcake gems – her favorite. Nothin says lovin like something from the oven. So the boxes are all dispatched and the tree isn’t going anywhere. Next weekend.

      • Pearl,
        Jack was all for getting his pliers out for my ring but I stopped him as I think that might be a disaster. I’ll get around to getting it fixed sometime.

        I’ll leave the decorating for the weekend too I think. We don’t have many presents to buy as the kids all get money and I just buy bitsand bobs for opening at Christmas. Our parents are all long gone so I’m always surprised that other people still have theirs around, how nice to be able to bake for her. You’ve probably heard that the wind is back and some places have had snow!

    • Margaret,
      Our place is a tip too and has been for ages. I’ve been doing exactly the same as you but it all seems to take me so long now. Today I finished the bedroom and shampooed the carpet, so it’s ready for the family. I can’t be bothered with Christmas either and it’s freezing here too. Snow is predicted for tomorrow but now the howling wind is back, it wasn’t gone for long.

  2. I’m so sorry for all the stresses you’ve had lately, but it made me feel a little better that I’m not the only one these things happen to!

    I have one more appointment for the root canal I was hysterically dreading. But, I think it’s much like a lengthy filling, nothing to be worried about at all. And I’m grateful that I can now chew on both sides of my mouth!

    The appliance repair man is coming this morning to fix the handle on the refrigerator. There was also much scrambling (and expense) to have a gallon of floor sealer shipped to us for the floor refinisher to use tomorrow. (Yes, my husband always waits until the last moment …) Last Wednesday, there was a quick trip to Boston to take care of some business there, just flight up and back in the same day. I also have Christmas gifts to buy; I’m about half finished and I HATE shopping!

    And I’d been reading your reviews, envious that you were, apparently, reading almost a book a day! I hope things settle down, your hand heals, you fix your engagement ring, and you have quiet, peaceful reading time.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Joan,
      I once fell asleep during root canal treatment, the boys were keeping me awake during the night! Your Jack sounds exactly like mine (or maybe it’s just all men) his motto is – why do today what you can put off for five years. It drives me mad.

      I hate shopping too, we were in Perth on Saturday. The queue in Marks and Spencer was enormous, we gave up. I was ona great reading roll, partly because of my hands, I couldn’t do much with them but I could read. I still have a back log of books to write about. I’ll be glad when this week is over as I hate having blokes doing things in the house. Can’t wait to get the dining-room back to normal.

      That’s a very early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – but the same to you. I’ll ‘speak’ to you again before then I’m sure!

  3. Ouch that sounds like one of them weeks when no matter what you know it is going to go wrong.

    Don’t mention the dentist, I am seeing him next week luckily I hope just for a check up!

    The winds are deceptively strong and you were lucky to come off with sore and damaged hands. When things like that happen, it is difficult to get into the Christmas Spirit.

    Once my holiday starts on Friday I will relax a bit more into Christmas, and be cocooned on the sofa with the wind howling outside the window!

    Careful with the engagement ring, it might be worth getting someone else to do it.

    • Jo,

      I hope you don’t need anything done at the dentist. You seem to be finishing work very early, I don’t think you got around to showing the Christmas decorations yet. The schools here don’t break up until the 23rd, which doesn’t leave us much time to get last minute things done,of course they go back later than in England. Being cocooned on a sofa is just about the best thing about winter.

      I’m going to get a professional to look at my ring – sometime. I think it’ll probably cost quite a lot to get it fixed, more than the ring cost 36 years ago!

  4. Oh my goodness! I hope your hand is healing fast, and that’s you’re all settled by Xmas!

    To add my tale to the commenters’ stories above–I had a leaky ceiling and ended up getting the entire roof re-done. I’m going to wish you and your readers a new year devoid of home repairs.

    • Niranjana,
      My hand is almost back to normal now apart from my knuckles still being sore and it’s a bit yellow now! I can’t wait for the end of the week when I should have a new carpet and the electrics should be done.

      You’ve had an absolute nightmare but I suppose you shouldn’t have to worry about leaks now. That must have been a horrific expense. I keep saying that I’m not going to spend any more money on this house but there’s always something else to be done, so I appreciate your wish for us all – and I wish the same for you of course!

  5. Oh your poor hands! Mine hurt in sympathy as I read. I hope they are feeling better, that you can get your ring repaired, and that things have been going more smoothly since all those little traumas.

    • Stefanie,
      I know, damaged fingers and hands always set your teeth on edge somehow. My left hand is much better now , the right one is back to normal. The last of the workmen did his stuff today so tomorrow I’ll think about hauling out the Christmas decorations and try to get into the spirit of it all!

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