Falkland Estate, Fife

On a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago we drove out to the village of Falkland in Fife, Scotland. It was a nice day, and now that I think about it, it was actually the Saturday of the Jubilee weekend, so Falkland was busier than usual. It’s a shame they didn’t have such good weather down south that Saturday, they were all drenched and drookit.

Falkland Lodge House

The lodge house above is one of my favourites although the water does run right underneath it, I’m not too sure I would like that. This pond used to be full of ducks and moorhens. What happened to them all?

I was standing on this bridge when I took the photo of the house, I wish I had such a lovely view from my living room window.

Bridge at Falkland Estate

Anyway, we weren’t feeling energetic enough to go on a hill walk up the East or West Lomond so we just ambled around the land which surrounds the Falkland Estate. They have all sorts of things going on there.

If you walk over the bridge and go through the gate it isn’t long before you reach this memorial to some of the deceased inhabitants of the estate. There are quite a few graves inside a sort of mock medieval roofless church, one of them belongs to a son of the family, who had been killed during World War I. There are some gorgeous trees around the area and the slopes of the East Lomond are towering above the land. The tree with the pink flowers is a horse- chestnut.

Memorial at Falkland Estate

If you look carefully through the trees in the photograph below, you should just be able to see some of Falkland Palace in the distance.

Falkland Palace through trees 2

And this is a close up of a wee bit of the palace. In a few day’s time I plan to go into the palace, I haven’t been in there for years and I think you might find it interesting. It was the Hunting Palace of the Stuart Kings and Queens as this area was full of deer, in fact there still is quite a lot of wildlife around, including deer, they didn’t manage to kill them all. The palace was a favourite with young Mary Queen of Scots. If you want to know more about the palace, have a look here.
Falkland Palace, Fife, Scotland

8 thoughts on “Falkland Estate, Fife

  1. Lovely! I book marked the site about the castle to study up! Found this food video about on weekend cooking about how they ate in the 1600’s and what effect it would have on your health. It’s pretty interesting. They do lots of different time era’s. It goes well with your castle post! The Restoration

    • Peggy Ann,
      Thanks for the link. I actually watched most of those programmes when they were on the TV, even the 1970s one was interesting.

    • Lisa,
      I hope you do get back but eat plenty of porridge for strength and stamina before you get here, because there are loads of places I could recommend, and Evee would come up with even more suggestions!

  2. What gorgeous walks you have so close to your home! I love the chestnut tree, love the leaves, and I’m always pleasantly startled to see such beautiful flowers on a tree!

    • Joan,
      I suppose we are lucky but I always feel hard done by if we have to drive somewhere to get to a good walk. I think I like the white horse chestnut flowers even more than the pink ones as they look so much like white candles on the tree.

  3. I’ve been to Falkland Palace before but never walked in the estate. It looks beautiful. I’m suposed to be doing a balloon flight from Falkland sometime. It was cancelled the first time.I’ll know to look out for the gatehouse etc. Lovely photos, as usual!

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