Road Trip to Warwickshire

You might have noticed that it has been a wee bit quiet here recently. I’ve been away in England again, just for a few days and quite spur of the momentish as we had been planning to go later, then we remembered that everywhere gets very busy once the school kids are on holiday down in England, which won’t be happening for another week or two. So we dashed down, just for three nights this time, which was long enough as we were beginning to miss our own bed by then.

As usual I added my Netbook into the luggage, intending to blog whilst I was away – and as ever, I didn’t get around to turning it on.

We stayed at Alcester, Warwickshire again, it is a nice wee quaint place, and we also visited Temple Grafton, Great Malvern, Worcester, Haye-on-Wye and Ross-on-Wye.

We had intended visiting Blenheim, but the weather wasn’t great so we decided to leave that for another time so that the gardens would look their best. Coughton Court is actually just a hop and a skip from Alcester and is a National Trust property so we went there. Then on the way back home we dropped in at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. So I’ll be putting some photos on ‘pining’ very soon.

8 thoughts on “Road Trip to Warwickshire

    • Debbie,
      Really, I don’t mind if you hold on to your old postcard. The only Warwickshire postcard I got is of a stately home, they had no postcards at all of Warwickshire, I think I would have to have gone to Stratford for them, and we didn’t go there this time. Nice photos of Temple Grafton though, the village is tiny. I’ll put them on ‘pining’ tonight.

  1. Yay! Holiday! And hurrah for NOT hitting the netbook as that means you were having too good a time for distraction.

    Our trip this fall will be the first time I’ve had my iPad along, and I’m going to try very hard to leave it packed for the most part.

    • Pearl,
      I quickly got out of the habit of switching on a machine and didn’t even go online as soon as I got home, but when I did – instant addiction again – as bad as chocolate after giving it a miss for a while! I hope you manage to stay off the iPad.

  2. Can’t wait for the pictures. Is Hay-on-Wye the book town I’ve read about? I have 2 books and a few articles about it. Wish I could visit the town. Lucky you!

    • Lorraine,
      I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t take any photos of Hay-on-Wye at all, despite the fact I took loads of other towns. It was disappointing slogging around loads of bookshops and buying nothing, everybody had got to the good books before me apparently! That always happens to me when I go to a particularly bookish place. I did buy plenty of books elsewhere though.

  3. Great you had an unexpected wee holiday. It’s a while since I was down that way. I have cousins in Great Malvern! Looking forward to your photos!

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