Glamis Castle, Angus,Scotland

During the last week of the school holidays we took ourselves off for a day trip up to the Kirriemuir area, north of Dundee. Well the sun was shining and you know what it’s like, you feel you have to grab every good day that comes when the summer has been so pathetic. Before I go any further I must just mention that Glamis is pronounced Glamz, the ‘i’ is silent. I saw on a blogpost written by an English person recently that it should be ‘Glarms’. Well it gave me a laugh anyway because of course it’s an appearance of the sound of an extra ‘r’ which people from the south of England somehow manage to conjure up in their speech, which makes things like the phrase law and order sound like Laura Noddah – while they miss out the letter ‘r’ when it is there to be pronounced.

Glamis Castle distant

Driving past the sign for Glamis village we decided that we would stop off there on the way back and have a look at the castle. Unfortunately this meant that we were too late to actually go into it as by then it was after 5 o’clock. Luckily the grounds are open until 6 o’clock so we took a walk down the driveway and we walked and walked and we almost gave up but then decided that we must be at least half-way there so we eventually made it. It was supposed to be a kilometre but I think that it must have been a country one!

Glamis Castle closer

This castle was the childhood home of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the lady known to my generation as the Queen Mother although of course to older people she was the Queen. She was particularly loved for taking the job on when she hadn’t expected to have to, due to the dastardly abdicating behaviour of Edward VIII (as wasn’t). You can read more about the castle’s history here.

Glamis Castle close

As you can see, it’s a Scottish baronial castle and is set in beautiful countryside, but more of the surroundings another time.

Glamis Castle turrets+flag

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    • Peggy Ann,
      I hope castles won’t be a disappointment to him when he gets to visit a real one. I think he’ll be impressed, apparently Glamis is haunted!! Well, it’s good for the tourist numbers I’m sure.

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