The C – Word

Yes, it’s Christmas I’m talking about of course!

I was walking along a street in Wetherby, Yorkshire, where we were staying for a few days, it was dark and wet – when hasn’t it been wet this year – and we were looking for a good place to have our dinner.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a well lit window, a possibility for a restaurant or hotel I thought, but no – it was a Christmas window!

Wetherby window

It was early October so strictly speaking not too early I suppose. I remember a few years ago there was a department store near where I live which had a Christmas tree in its window at the beginning of September. SO ANNOYING! Because by the time Christmas comes around most people are sick to death of the whole thing.

Anyway, I must admit that it’s a cosy looking Christmas setting so I had to take a photo of it. I could be doing without the evil looking stag’s head on the upper right hand side, though. I’m wondering why tartan is always thought of as being Christmassy. Is it something to do with Queen Victoria and her love of all things Scottish?

10 thoughts on “The C – Word

  1. I once worked in our local department store and was given the “Christmas Shop” to work in two years running. It was open from the end of August. What with all the musical ornaments on the go all the time – boss’s orders – and customers trying out one thing or another, it drove me up the wall. You’ll be sick of Christmas by the time it comes, said the customers! I was sick of it by the beginning of September! It’s far too early to start Christmas. Get Halloween and Bonfire Night out of the way first, and then perhaps start the Christmas season in November. It’s all money money money the way it is now!

    • Evee,
      Get Halloween and Bonfire Night out of the way first,That’s exactly what I always say, and working in a Christmas shop sounds nightmarish to me. The whole thing has got completely out of hand with people getting into debt and taking the best part of the next year to pay it off. Tangerines and a ten bob note is what I say to all that!

  2. Do you think it’s the colors in the tartans that make them seem Christmassy – all the red & green. I can take the store decorations, but it’s the musical instruments that Evee mentions, or the canned carols playing constantly, that bring out my inner Scrooge.

    • Lisa,
      It probably is the red and greens of some tartans which make them popular, although I prefer the muted grey and brown tones like the armchair in the shop window. I can get very ‘Bah humbugish’ about the whole thing but it’s the constant Christmas adverts on TV which I really hate, mainly aimed at kids who don’t know any better.

  3. I agree with the red and green dominance being the reason for the tartan/Christmas connection. I tend to observe holidays very strictly – no Christmas music (and I ADORE Christmas music) until the day after Thanksgiving. Period. Hearing it in the stores aggravates me no end.

    As for shopping, I’m fairly ho-hum on the whole thing as it feels like so much flinging money into a black hole.

    Our family is down to swapping gift cards which is just foolish. Part of the reason is because none of us really needs anything, which is a good thing. But I really miss having packages to wrap – I loved getting creative with the wrapping. With 1/2 the family in Scotland there is the whole parcel farce thing to deal with as well, which has reduced us to shopping on line. Very impersonal.

    Plus, I enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving and resent the infringement.

    • Pearl,
      I would be the same if I lived in the US, but of course we don’t have Thanksgiving so I think about it after Guy Fawkes on the 5th of November. I suppose I should wait until St Andrew’s Day on the 30th but nobody ever does anything for that.
      We mainly give the kids money but I enjoy giving them extras which I know they’ll appreciate. I hate all that junk which is sold in Christmas shops, expensive and useless tat.

      • I agree on the Christmas shops, but must admit that I’m a sucker for Christmas decoration. In recent years I’ve restrained myself out of desperation for storage space. I am now limiting myself to additions to my growing battalion of Nutcrackers, and a single ornament from each place that we visit on our trips.

        This year I picked up a lovely one at Holyrood to go with our other Scotland momentos, and one from Sacre Coeur. My most cherished is a small nativity carved in olive wood that we got in Bethlem.

        • Pearl,
          It sounds like you actually got to the palace this time then. We still haven’t been to Holyrood. In recent years I’ve been buying just one or two really nice glass baubles or small wooden trees. I bought just one nutcracker soldier which stands by the living-room fireplace at Christmas, I’d love to see your battalion some time!

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