Mainly Grey

On Saturday we walked along the esplanade, as I said earlier and I took a few photos of the scene, just before the snow came and blasted us, you can see it coming to get us in the clouds. There is actually snow on the hills across on the other side of the Forth but unfortunatley you can’t see them in this photo.

Kirkcaldy shore 1

I took the photo below from the same position, just looking in the other direction, it’s at this point that the Firth of Forth flows into the North Sea and the next land which you get to is Denmark, so I’m told.

Kirkcaldy shore 2

Our walk today (Sunday) took us to the Beveridge Park – again and if you look closely you’ll see that this part of the boating pond is frozen, about half of it has thin ice on it.

Beveridge Park pond in January.

The local family of swans had just been fed by a family of humans and it was obviously time for them to do a bit of preening, stocktaking their feathers.

The swans 2

As you can see, the cygnets are in between their parents and are as big as they are now, just haven’t quite lost all of their brown feathers. In another couple of months daddy swan, the aggressive beastie that he is will force the cygnets to leave for pastures new and so the whole thing will start all over again. I wonder if they’ll manage more offspring this year, this is the first time they’ve ever had two cygnets and they often have none at all. They’re a bit rubbish as parents really, I think because the male swan spends most of his time chasing after geese, ducks and dogs – yes dogs! He apparently drowned a spaniel which was swimming in the pond, he just grabbed it by the back of its neck and held it under – that’s nature red in tooth and claw!

The swans 3

Anyway, as you can see, this is truly ‘shades of grey’ as Scotland often is whatever the season. It really makes you crave warm, vibrant colours, I think the Scandinavians feel the same about bright colours. I know I have a cheek to moan because most of Scotland seems to be under snow at the moment but – roll on the spring!

I imagine that if you live in a warm, bright colourful place, you might want to rest your retinas from time to time, if so you can do so looking at these very grey photos of a grey place.

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    • Evee,
      The River Leven at Dumbarton where I grew up had loads of swans on it so I just thought that they were very common but there don’t seem to be many around, apart from Linlithgow, that I can think of.

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