Hills at Grasmere

Hills at Grasmere

We’ve just got back from a short trip to the Lake District. I first visited that area as a child but it’s years since I had been there, I was put off by the crowds when we took our own kids to Keswick. It was so packed with people you could hardly see the lake. It didn’t seem too busy this time, mind you we avoided Keswick.

Anyway, just a quick one tonight as I haven’t sorted through all the photos. If you look carefully at this one you can see that there is a snowy hill/mountain just peeking (peaking) up behind the green ones. The higher hills were still well covered with snow. Unfortunately there aren’t that many places to stop the car to take photos. The more rural roads still had about three feet of snow by the sides of them.

I took this photo on the road walking down from Allan Bank, which was once William Wordsworth’s home, it sits in a wonderful setting above Grasmere, a short walk from the village. More of that tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “Hills at Grasmere

  1. Beautiful! I love the Lake District, and we have stayed there just a few times, mainly because it’s often so busy that it puts us off going. But we have managed to do some lonely walks around Grasmere! The only time we attempted to visit Wordsworth’s house it was inundated with visitors – coachloads of them milling around waiting to go in, so we didn’t. So, I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow to see what we missed.

    • Margaret,
      It’s incredible how crowded that area is, especially when you consider that parts of Scotland are very similar but much less touristy. A lot of English people never think of going to Scotland for some reason.

        • Lorraine,
          Most English people wouldn’t ever think of coming to Scotland, they’ll head for Spain and the Med. in general every time. Silly things!

          • Lovely photo, Katrina. Some of my English B&B guests thought there was nothing to see north of Edinburgh! Some said they’d never come to Scotland before because there were no beaches!!!! No beaches? You’ve got to be joking! I found a lot of them – my guests – were quite ignorant of Scotland. Don’t know what they teach them down there! Some of them didn’t even know they were already in Scotland when they came to my place.

          • evee,
            It’s amazing how clueless some of them are. A woman I worked with seriously asked me if we had TV in Scotland!! Of course, I said we invented it! I’ve been to plenty of English beaches but none of them come close to being as good as ours. What with Lunan Bay and not forgetting Elie beach, without which there would be no evee – if I’m remembering correctly!

  2. I always think of the Lake District as being very peaceful and calming, but it sounds like that isn’t the case! I guess all tourist attractions are more of a circus atmosphere than you’d hope, unfortunately. Can’t wait to see your photos!

    • Anbolyn,
      All the lakes are really quite close together, compared with lochs in Scotland so it gets very congested with people who just want to hill walk, climb mountains, do lake things like go across on steamboats or the literary interests – Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter, I wonder if you are related!

  3. I just love the Lake District. Dad used to take us up the hills when we were small, then Colin did the same when I was all growed up! We used to drive over from the Dales some weekends. It’s only half an hour longer to go from here but it seems like a long way now!

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