Blogging and Cygnets

Well I think that’s the longest blogging hiatus which I’ve ever had, and it was totally unplanned. I actually couldn’t get into ‘pining’ for technical reasons but I’ve changed my server and hope things will be better from now on.

Anyway, I’ve been visiting the park as usual and as promised, here are the photos of the cygnets as they grow up.
5 cygnets at Beveridge Park

As you can see, the cygnets are able to duck down and pull up the pond weed themselves. There are only five now, so two have disappeared, possibly one of the geese pulled them under, it’s nature red in tooth and claw I suppose.

5 cygnets

I thought they had given up on the miniature train rides but as you can see, it was up and running last Saturday and apart from these passengers there was a queue of wee enthusiasts waiting patiently for their turn. Great fun for wee ones and it seems like only yesterday that my boys were on this train but it must have been well over 20 years ago.

train in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

11 thoughts on “Blogging and Cygnets

  1. Glad you are back safe and sound! Wondered if you were doing lots of getting ready to put the house on the market! Is Jack retiring at the end of term? Thought of going over to WordPress but haven’t made the leap yet! Still at
    Love the wee train! Shame the swan family lost a baby one. They are so beautiful.

    • Evee,
      Yes I’ve been very busy with the house but Jack still hasn’t heard if he will get to retire or not, so we are assuming that it is NO. He will be 60 at Christmas though and will definitely retire then. I’m very surprised that the swans have 5 cygnets, they’ve only managed 2 before.

  2. Missed you! That train is so cute.

    Getting quite excited, myself – “my” Scots are coming for a visit!! I think that this will be the first time to Hawaii for all (except my stepdaughter, of course – she was raised here). Can’t wait to share my paradise with the new wing of the family!

    • Pearl,
      How lovely for you all! I’m sure they’ll need to slap on loads of sun block, that’ll be a novelty in itself. Your stepdaughter will be so looking forward to spending some time back home.

      • Yep – I figured we just get a 55-gallon drum of SPF 69 and dunk the wee ones by the ankles every couple of hours…

        Can’t wait to see them though.

          • Pearl,
            They’ll probably want to get a great tan to show off back home. They’ll be off the scale with excitement at the thought of going to Hawaii!

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