Coming for a Walk?

We’ve been having gorgeous weather over the last couple of weeks. It’s about time, I hear you say – okay, that was me. Anyway, on Sunday we decided to go down the path to the left hand side of Beveridge Park, which leads up into the fields above that part of Kirkcaldy. We veered off to the left again onto a path which we hadn’t been along before and it led us to the field below, which as you can see has the remains of what was some sort of house or bothy/shepherd’s shelter.

ruin and field

This is a bit further round, the main road to Edinburgh is up there, just where the electricity pylon is.

fields near Kirkcaldy,

And this is from the other side of the road, which is just a farm track really but there are a few houses in the area. Although they are just outside the town of Kirkcaldy it feels incredibly remote. The road bisects part of a golf course, the 17th hole, but I think the area is called the mill dam.

The daisy type flowers in the foreground are there for the wildlife I suppose, I think that nowadays farmers are a lot more likely to have the field margins left to nature rather than cultivating every part of the field. The crop seems to be some sort of beans. I thought when I took this photo that you would be able to see the Firth of Forth between the sky and field but is has all blended in, despite the fact that we could actually see a ship on the horizon.

fields in Fife

All of these cows were sitting enjoying the sun until I decided to take a photo of them, then the cream one decided that she really didn’t like what was going on. A discussion ensued as to whether these were cows or bullocks, because she looked quite fierce. We aren’t from farming stock ourselves you know! Anyway we came to the conclusion that they were cows despite not having much in the way of udders. Presumably these ones are not dairy cows but beef ones, well that’s what we think anyway, but we could be completely wrong.


It has been hot here, and our tongues were just about hanging out by the time we got home, so we awarded ourselves the first ice lollies of this summer. Lovely!

15 thoughts on “Coming for a Walk?

  1. So glad to hear you’re finally having beautiful weather after a wet winter and spring! Thanks for the pictures.

    • Lorraine,
      Honestly it’s years since we’ve had such good weather and today was St Swithin’s day, if it rains then we usually have 40 days of rain, but it was fine, so we’ll probably have good weather for a few more weeks at least.

  2. Of course! St Swithin’s day. I forgot about that! Yes, according to legend whatever the weather on 15th July, we should have another 40 days of the same! Oh that it will be true!! I read something today about the good weather continuing into next month! The farmers will be crying out for rain though!
    What a lovely area to walk in. I think farmers get paid for leaving areas to nature – not treating them with chemicals.
    I think your coos may be young bullocks.

    Any luck with the house so far?

    • Evee,
      Farmers do seem to get paid quite well for all sorts of reasons! I hope the weather does last a good wee while, it’s about time we felt some heat.
      I originally thought the coos were bullocks but closer inspection when the cream one turned her back on us we saw a wee udder, maybe they are just half grown coos.
      We’ve just had one viewing so far, and that was a waste of time, the house went on the market just as families shot off on holiday. We’re keeping everything crossed that the market picks up again soon!

  3. I am so jealous that you have so many gorgeous nature walks so close to your home. To get to anyplace near like that, I have to get in my car, fight traffic for an hour or so, and then hope to find a public park to walk in.

    We on the east coast of the US are melting! I’m seriously thinking of moving to Iceland, where, I hope, it would be cooler!

    • Joan,
      I’ve always fancied Iceland, the houses look like Legoland too. Evee has been already.

      I don’t know how you can stand living in a city like that. I’m sure it would be better for your health if you could easily get out and about amongst something nice and green!

  4. Beautiful day! I could see a wee sliver of firth in the distance.

    I’m so happy the kids were greeted by such lovely weather on their return. It was spectacular here for their whole holiday and it would have been extra bleak had they returned home to damp and grey.

    • Pearl,
      It wouldn’t half have been depressing for them if we had had a summer like the last 7 years or so – that is no summer weather at all. I think this whole coming week is to be good too. Miracles do happen.

  5. I think the daisy like flowers at the edge of the farmers field are ‘Scentless Mayweed’, which appear to be particularly numerous and bright this summer. They are obviously enjoying the weather too!!
    Many of the fields between Kirkcaldy and Kinghorn seem to have a lot of ‘Common Poppy’s’ growing around them as well.

    • Andy Moyle,
      I’ve just had a look at Mayweed and I think you’re probably right about it. It’s very pretty looking on the edges of the fields. The fields with poppies in them must have had a good churning up this year to help them germinate. No common poppies have self-seeded in my garden this year, apart from those yellow Icelandic ones which pop up everywhere!

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