The Grey Mare’s Tail near Moffat, Scotland

We did take a day trip to Moffat a couple of weeks ago, amd the bookshop was open. I only bought one book though, a history one: Mary Queen of Scots The Fair Devil of Scotland by Jean Plaidy. Until then I had thought that she only wrote fiction. Jack bought Gillespie by J MacDougall Hay. We thought we might as well have a look around some of the tourist attractions so the Grey Mare’s Tail was first on the agenda. I took the photo below just beyond the car park looking down the hill.

grey mare's tail

This one was taken a wee bit further up the hill.

Near the Grey Mare's Tail

This is what we came to see – The Grey Mare’s Tail, one of the biggest waterfalls in the UK apparently.

grey mare's tail

And this is as close as we got, we did think about walking all the way up to the top, but then thought again, mainly because of the gathering grey clouds. Well that’s our excuse!

grey mare's tail

The proof that we were there, but not up there. A selfie, not a great one but you get the idea of us, slightly bewildered looking!

grey mare's tail

One of the reasons for not going on a longer walk was that IKEA Edinburgh was calling us via Peebles, we were on a rug hunt. By the time we got to Peebles everywhere was shutting, then I realised that I had brought the wrong notebook with me and so I didn’t have Evee’s phone number. Oh well, we’ll meet up another time and make a special trip to Peebles and surrounding area.

Peebles and the River  Tweed

So onwards to IKEA where – can you believe it we didn’t buy a thing!! Apart from dinner. No not Swedish meatballs, I tried them once and didn’t like them at all, maybe I got a batch containing horse, and I’m not joking. So it was fish and chips, they were fine. Back home sans rugs, but I’m glad to say that we bought a couple of nice ones today locally.

18 thoughts on “The Grey Mare’s Tail near Moffat, Scotland

  1. The waterfall does look like a grey mare’s tail, very accurately named. I’d love to walk those hills and valleys, but I think I’m too out of shape to manage the up-hill walks. I can get around in an IKEA, but they’re confusing (at least ours is) and I often get lost!

    • Joan, Do you live in Philly? My daughter and son-in-law just moved there for his fellowship. He’s a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Phila. They live in a row house in East Falls. They’re liking it for the year, mainly because she has 4 college friends there and he likes his job. I will be hitting the museums-Barnes, Phil. Museum of Art, etc.

    • Joan, I always think of ‘follow the yellow brick road’ at IKEA! If you stay on the ‘path’ they have winding thru the store your okay, just don’t get off of it!

    • Joan,
      You would probably be fine if you took your time. I suspect all IKEAs are exactly the same, I end up going all around it to places that I didn’t intend to just in case I get lost!

  2. My husband proposed to me at this waterfall 25 years ago this year ….we are going back there this summer for old times sake…with our 13 year old daughter xxx

    • Jo,
      How romantic! I hope you have a lovely time when you go back to visit the area in the summer. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      best wishes,

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