Transatlantic Sessions

There’s a new series of Transatlantic Sessions being shown on TV at the moment, of course the broadcast is blocked if you live outside the UK, unless you do that tunnelbear thing which I don’t know anything about really.

On that subject, I was listening to the radio the other day and the BBC’s Director General was speaking, he happened to mention that he intends to make BBC TV free online to everyone at some point in the future, he sees it as promoting ‘brand Britain’ and I have to say that I completely agree with that. Some people will complain that that means that people in Britain will be paying a licence fee when the rest of the world gets BBC for nothing, but I think it would be well worth it if it meant that people in different countries could see that there are more similarities amongst the people of the world than differences. Oops, that’s me almost getting into hippy mode!

Anyway, back to Transatlantic Sessions, if you want to see and hear some from a previous series, have a look below.

4 thoughts on “Transatlantic Sessions

  1. That’s why I enjoy my Susquehanna Folk Music Society here in Pennsylvania. They specialize in Celtic or Eastern European bands. I was introduced to a number of Scottish, Irish,and Canadian groups. It’s amazing to watch them play and how talented they are. Many are from name groups who play with friends and do short tours.The other night it was the Celtic Fiddle Festival band. An Irishman (friend of the Cunningham brothers),two Bretons and one Quebecois.It was a fun night.

    • Lorraine,
      That sounds like it was a great night out. All of those traditional Celtic types of music have links with American folk music too. I saw an interesting programme years ago, I think it was from Nashville, but Bluegrass music rings a bell, and many of the tunes were similar to Scottish ones.

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