Enough To Kill a Horse by Elizabeth Ferrars

For some reason Elizabeth Ferrars was known as E.X. Ferrars in the US, I suppose it was that old thing of hiding the fact that the author was a woman in the belief that it helped sales, or publication, a la J.K. Rowling and for that matter the Bronte sisters with their male names.

Anyway, first published in 1955, Enough to Kill a Horse is a very good read. As ever, I don’t want to say too much about this murder mystery for fear of ruining it for someone.

Laura Greenslade has just got engaged to Kit Raven and Kit’s half-sister Fanny is throwing an engagement party for them. Fanny is mystified at the engagement, even before meeting Laura, as the couple seem so mismatched. Laura is a young widow, beautiful and clever and earning a good income, why would she marry Kit? I did think to myself that this is probably the reaction of all sisters when they hear that a brother is going to get married!

Apart from this being a good story which kept me guessing there are also some very believeable and interesting characters, so I’ll be looking for more books by Ferrars who had a long writing career, starting in 1932 and still writing in the 1990s. She would qualify as an author for Peggy’s Read Scotland 2014 challenge as although Ferrars was born in India, her family was Scottish and she lived in Edinburgh for years after her marriage.

2 thoughts on “Enough To Kill a Horse by Elizabeth Ferrars

  1. One of my cousins (E) wrote a letter to her future sister-in-law (L) saying that she (L) wasn’t good enough to be marrying her (E’s) brother. L never forgave E and remembered it for the whole of her life and she was 85 when she died.

    • Evee,
      Well it is quite unforgivable, especially if it’s actually written down. Families can just be crazy, my own m-i-l really disliked me but I didn’t take it personally as Princess Anne wouldn’t have been good enough for her ‘boy’!

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