A Christmas Tree by Charles Dickens

Judith @ Reader in the Wilderness has been looking at some Christmas books, this is one which I sometimes read to try to get me in the mood, maybe not a classic Dickens but worth reading if you’re into Christmas or Dickens.

Charles Dickens generally gets the kudos for inventing or reviving many of our Christmas traditions, if you want to read a bit more about his attitude to the festival have a look here. Apparently Christmas trees don’t feature in any of his Christmas books, I wouldn’t know because Dickens is one Victorian novelist whom I avoid. In fact the only thing of his which I’ve got to the end of is his wee story A Christmas Tree. I have a nice illustrated copy of it, which like many of my books is packed away at the moment.

A Christmas Tree book

It’s a very quick read, a bit odd in that it also features ghosts, or maybe that’s a normal feature of a Dickens Christmas, anyway, if like me you can only stomach a teeny bit of Dickens, I admit it’s because I feel so appalled at his treatment of his poor wife that I don’t read him, so judgemental of me I know!

Anyway, I love Christmas trees and as I recall, it’s his description of the tree which I enjoyed in this short story, the things which were decorating it, including a mask which he was scared of. You can read it here.

9 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree by Charles Dickens

  1. Katrina,
    How interesting! I had no idea that Dickens wrote this tale. I must look it up somehow, or see if it’s available via Project Gutenberg. Will post your post on my blog stat.
    Happy baking?
    You’ve got to feed your menfolk at Christmas somehow!

    • Judith,
      I think it’ll be in a short story compilation in Project Gutenberg.

      Baking?! I’ll hardly be out of the kitchen soon – what with J’s big birthday coming up.

          • Judith,
            Bigger than that! 60, he’s 5 and a half years older than me (don’t forget that half). Just before Christmas, very awkward! I haven’t decided on the birthday cake yet, but we always have a big family meal too, cooked by me of course, as it’s not a good time for a family meal out somewhere with all the Christmas festivities on. He’s retiring this week after 34 years at the chalkface!

          • I turned 60 this year as well, but I am 6 months older. Congratulate him for me both on his elder years and mostly on his retirement. 1953 has always been a good vintage.


          • Judith,
            J has read your comment and thanks you, he’s really looking forward to not having to get up and go out to work in the future. Indeed 1953 was a good year as was 1959, and I have a June birthday too!

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