Christmas Carols

Jack’s 60th birthday is almost over and as usual I’m shattered before I even start cooking the Christmas dinner. Having a birthday so close to Christmas is a pain for all concerned as there’s no point in going out for a meal due to everywhere having a Christmas menu at the moment, so I’ve been in the kitchen for a large part of the day. Heigh ho – part two tomorrow, the kids are all here so what more could I want?!

Well some Christmas carols would be welcome, although I’m not at all religious I do love carols and a good sing song is the one thing which I miss about not going to church.

So here is the King’s College Cambridge choir, the beginning of it reminds me of our trip there earlier in the year, although we didn’t go on a punt as it was chucking it down with rain when we were there.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Carols

  1. Katrina, I love carols also, and I also miss that at Christmas (not attending church). So thanks for the video, quite beautiful.

    Hope your Christmas improves. Happy 60th to your husband.

  2. Maybe Jack should have an ‘un-birthday’ and move his birthday to June 25th? He’d get more attention (and gifts?) and you’d be able to spread the work out better.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jack. Thank you for the video. Just went to and watched a number of them. I also have their Christmas CD. Blessings to your family.

  4. Thanks for the link–that is my current favorite Christmas Carol (though I do prefer Mary Chapin Carpenter’s version!).

    I was worn out on Christmas Eve too, but not from cooking all day. Thank goodness I can now relax and unwind and enjoy the lights, sounds, smells, and good humor of the holiday.

    • JaneGS,
      I’m glad that you’re having an enjoyable Christmas. I’m thankful that we’ll be having a very quiet Hogmanay this year after such a tiring Christmas, I almost felt my age!

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