House SOLD and a jigsaw

Well as from today our house is officially sold, we accepted an offer weeks ago but nowadays it seems to take so long to tie everything up legally, and I didn’t want to mention it here in case I jinxed it. I’ve seen so many houses with sold signs on them which have had to have them taken off again when the hopeful buyers got knocked back for a mortgage. So after 26 years in this house we’ll be moving out – but we don’t know where to yet as there aren’t many suitable houses up for sale. People seem to be staying where they are at the moment, unless they absolutely have to move.

It took seven months to sell our house and of course as soon as we did sell it I had a bit of a panic and was wondering if we were doing the right thing in downsizing and leaving all our family memories behind, but that feeling didn’t last too long. It’s time to move on to pastures new, it’s exciting and scary at the same time though. Anyway, several people were thinking positive thoughts, crossing everything and even sending up prayers for us, so my thanks go to all involved, we couldn’t have done it without you I’m sure!

The whole process of selling a house has completely changed since we bought this one and not for the better either, it’s much more stressful now. My brain has been in a fankle (tangle) since the beginning and I really haven’t been able to concentrate on much, reading light fiction has been a life-saver and it was only this week that I felt able to tackle doing a jigsaw puzzle, a winter pastime of ours. What do you think of it? It was very difficult to do and I almost gave up on it, but I persevered and Jack did most of the sky, shades of mainly grey in an Edinburgh sky.

The puzzle is of the entry of George IV into Edinburgh from the Calton Hill, 1822, apparently organised by Sir Walter Scott. It was painted by John Wilson Ewbank (1799-1847) Below is an image of the original.

Entry of George IV to Edinburgh

18 thoughts on “House SOLD and a jigsaw

  1. Katrina, all change is hard, even changes you have been wanting and waiting for. But I am happy the waiting is over. And look forward to hearing how it all goes.

    • TracyK,
      I think change is much harder as you get older, we used to move every 2 years or so and it was always exciting, we’re just stuck in our ways now I suppose. I’m sure we’re doing the right thing though.

  2. Congratulations on selling your house and moving on to new adventures! Moving is such a pain, but you feel so refreshed in a new home. I hope you find the perfect place.
    The puzzle is amazing!

    • Anbolyn,
      Thanks. I’m dreading the actual move as we have so much ‘stuff’ and there’s only so much we can get rid of. I think we’re almost hoarders!

  3. I am completely hopeless at puzzles, but I can’t stop working on them. That one would drive me mad! Congratulations on the sale! Have you started looking, or were you just focused on the sale?

    • Lisa,
      We’ve been looking for a new home this last month or so whilst all the legal stuff was going through and we have to find something soonish as we aren’t keen on putting everything in storage, that happened the last time we moved – nightmare.

  4. I knew it would happen! Congratulations on the sale!

    Lovely puzzles, too. Jack and I used to do them but haven’t for years. The cats used to play with / steal the pieces, but I don’t think Turtle would be interested.

    • Joan,
      Thanks, it seems like a bit of a miracle as so many lovely houses just aren’t selling, even after over a year on the market.
      I never thought of cats playing with jigsaw pieces!

  5. Congratulations on selling your house! I hope looking for one to move to is fun and you find something perfect. I love jigsaw puzzles but haven’t done one in ages because we can’t figure out how to keep the cats from getting to it. Even if we cover it up they still manage to mess things up. I like the one you did!

    • Stefanie,
      The good thing about house-hunting is that at least we aren’t the ones madly cleaning and tidying before the viewing! It sounds like cats are every bit as bad as toddlers where things like jigsaws are concerned!

  6. Katrina, you’re so right. Now you no longer have to worry about having a pillow out of place or cake crumbs lingering on the tablecloth. Keep us posted!

    I haven’t read Du Maurier’s short stories. I’ve always thought that I’d read them after I finish all of her books. I still haven’t read My Cousin Rachel, and I’ve got a gorgeous hardcover copy that I bought at a book sale for a dollar.


    • Judith,
      I’m not a fan of housework anyway but it was driving me mad having to keep the place pristine and we had so many viewers who were obviously not interested in buying, just wanted a good look!
      What a bargain du Maurier. I bought a hardback of Pym’s Some Tame Gazelle yesterday for 50p. I think I gave my paperback copy to a charity shop, then regretted it – as usual!

  7. Congratulations on the house. Hope you find somewhere soon.

    That jigsaw certainly looks fiendish. I must get mine out to do again. Trouble is I gave table to put it on and have to do it on the floor, maybe I need to move too….

    • Jo,
      Thanks, we’re beginning to get a bit worried, there aren’t many houses we want to go and view. I’ve tried the floor in the past for jigsaws, not comfy at all, but that could be me getting old!

  8. Congratulations! I know this is a load off your mind, and I’m confident you’ll find something that suits in no time.

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