Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl

Kiss Kiss cover

This is a collection of short stories by Roald Dahl, first published in 1953. I often read short stories at bedtime but that was a bit of a mistake with this book, I should have known that it wouldn’t be good bedtime reading because although I had never read any Dahl books for adults before, I did watch those TV programmes which were on, in the 1970s I think – Tales of the Unexpected. I’ll never forget a frozen joint of lamb being used as a murder weapon, then being consumed so there was no evidence of it!

There were a couple of stories which were very chilling, not what you want to read before trying to get to sleep, but having said that, Dahl was such a great and imaginative writer so these stories are well worth reading.

When I finished the book I turned to the front to see when it was published and it was only then that I read:

In this wonderfully weird assortment of bizarre, not for bedtime tales, Roald Dahl masterfully demonstrates his superb skill for cleverly combining the humorous with the macabre, the obvious with the outrageous.

Each story will be reread, remembered and retold, for each is a riddle, as tantalizing as a lingering, lethal kiss.

I can only agree. As you can see my book is an old American copy which I’m pretty sure I bought in Castle Books in Berwick-on- Tweed. Castle Books is a lovely secondhand bookshop and well worth a visit if you find yourself around that area of the Scottish/English Border country.

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  1. I love the cover! I didn’t know he wrote for adults at all. My first experience with him was when Lee was in 4th grade and came home upset because the teacher was reading them a book about witchcraft! So momma went right over to discuss this with the teacher and he sent a copy home with me to read and said he would have Lee go out of the room while he read if I didn’t want him to hear it! Of course the book was hilarious and Lee was assured it okay to read it was fiction. He was always so serious!

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