Scottish Highlands, Loch Linnhe and Loch Leven

This is another photograph from our recent trip to the Scottish Highlands. Taken from the bridge at Ballachulish, it’s of Loch Leven. There are a few lochs with that name in the world, a couple in Canada, although I think one is a hamlet rather than a loch and a lake, Loch Leven in California US, and there’s even another one in Scotland, in Kinross and Perthshire.

Loch Leven

The photo below is of Loch Linnhe. It was taken from the bridge looking west.

looking to Loch Linnhe
Again the photo below was taken from the bridge at Ballachulish but looking north west.

looking to Loch Linnhe

There used to be a ferry at Ballachulish, but obviously it’s the bridge which is used by travellers nowadays. Whenever I hear that name Ballachulish I think of that comic song which The Corries sang years ago, if you fancy a laugh, have a listen to it below.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Highlands, Loch Linnhe and Loch Leven

  1. What lovely photos! It all brings back memories! When I worked in Fort William as a student, I borrowed a bicycle and cycled to Ballachulish one day off. I was so sore I couldn’t get back on the bike for the return journey, so had to put it into the hold of the bus and travel back standing up! I didn’t live it down for quite a while! They used to say in those days of the ferry, that something pretty unthinkable was “as unlikely as a bridge at Ballachulish!” Wonder what they say now?

    Lovely to hear the Portree Kid again! Wasn’t Roy Williamson a talented guy! Shame he died so young.. He wrote some wonderful songs, including of course, Floo’r o Scotland.

    • Evee,
      It is so sad that Roy died so young, but he’s well remembered.

      LOL – as they say. You must have gone up and down a fair few hills cycling between Fort William and Ballachulish, no wonder you were sore. I tried a bike recently and couldn’t believe how painful just sitting on it was, the seat was positively sharp and I needed a cushion! I’ve decided my biking days are over.

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