Falkland Palace – again

Falkland Palace in Fife

I just felt like getting out of the house last Saturday, but it was too hot and bright (really!) to travel far, so we ended up at Falkland Palace, yet again. The palace was the hunting palace of the Stuarts and it was well used by them, Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots) enjoyed riding and hunting around this area. You’ll be getting fed up with the place, but I never do somehow. Why is there always a car parked where it shouldn’t be?

Falkland Palace and Gardens

I wanted to sit and enjoy the gardens there, they’re looking good at the moment. So we had a cursory walk through the palace itself and admired the royal bedrooms, then went out to the gardens and sat on a bench for a while admiring the view, and watching gardeners pruning trees, that’s always more enjoyable than doing the work yourself!

Falkland Palace Gardens

Anyway, how many times have I been there? I’ve lost count, but I had never noticed the horse head detail in the stonework at the top of the stairs in the previous photo. So I snapped it for posterity, I think it must be hundreds of years old. Its twin is at the other side of the steps.

Falkland Palace

The photo below is of a more formal area, all lavender plants and juniper trees, I think, and the building in the background houses the real/royal tennis court. It’s a more complicated game than the game which we call tennis nowadays.

Falkland Palace Gardens

On the way back to the car I snapped the floral display outside one of the pubs in the village. I’m always envious of this sort of thing because I just can’t manage to get my tubs looking as lush as these ones and I’ve given up on hanging baskets completely. I think I just don’t feed and water them as much as they need.

Falkland, Fife

The photo below shows part of the pub and the adjoining house which has a good display too. These buildings are some of the more modern ones in Falkland. I’m assuming that both buildings are owned by the same person, otherwise I can’t imagine anyone buying a house right next to a pub, but I suppose it takes all sorts and if you’re that way inclined then you don’t have to worry about driving home after you’ve had a drink!

Falkland, Scotland

8 thoughts on “Falkland Palace – again

  1. The flowers in pots are gorgeous. I love plants in pots. It does take a lot of watering, and with our drought now, I guess I will stick with succulents for a while. (When I get enough energy to work on my outdoor area.)

    • TracyK,
      We haven’t had any rain now for over a week and it’s really hot so if it keeps up we’ll be having a hosepipe ban so succulents could be on my shopping list soon!

  2. What a beautiful place. I love the combination of historic buildings with wonderful gardens. And I wouldn’t object to cooling off afterward with a pint of bitter at that lovely little pub!

    • Joan,
      When I get my own garden sorted out I might volunteer at the palace gardens. We’ve never been in that pub, I’ll wait until you get here!

  3. That grass looks so green! I miss sitting in a garden (I live in a flat) and I must make use of the green spaces in my area and take myself there with a good book.

    • Jo,
      I would hate not to have a patch of ground to sit in but having said that it can be quite distracting reading in the garden, and recently it has been too hot and bright – amazingly.

  4. I too love Falkland! There’s also a gorgeous two storey cottage in the village, with an outside stair, and I always want to take its photo! It’s ages since I’ve been so must pay another visit soon! We have a pub in Peebles that has the most amazing hanging baskets, planted by Jock, one of the old worthies of the town.

    • Evee,
      We are a hop and a skip from Falkland so if you have time email me and I’ll let you know how to get to us and we can have a chin wag – bring Linda too! I know that house, they often have container plants along the outside edge of the steps.

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