Cladding the Summerhouse

summerhouse (gazebo)

A couple of weeks ago we started banging tongue and groove cladding onto the back walls of the summerhouse, we did the same in our old summerhouse too and we just wanted to replicate it as we really liked the effect.

summer house in progress 1

It’s a work in progress as you can see, in fact we’ve come to a standstill on that DIY project because we had torrential rain and it leaked a bit around the windows. So Jack had to get sealant to sort out that problem before we could finish the whole thing.

summer house in progress 2

So this is as far as we’ve got, we still have to do the smaller bits around the windows and doors, but we’ve been waiting in vain for rain since then, we want to make sure there are no more leaks. I know it’s hardly believable, but we haven’t had rain for probably almost two weeks, apart the odd spit and spot.

summer house in progress 3

Obviously we have to put some wooden edging over the rough edges to neaten it all up. Then I plan to paint it with one of those coloured wood washes which allow the grain of the wood to show through. The old summerhouse was painted like that in a sort of soft eau de nil colour which looked really nice and I think I’ll try to get a similar shade for this one. I’m a creature of habit – or boring, take your pick!

Anyway, the rain came this afternoon, torrential rain which was entirely my fault as I had just mentioned to a friend that we hadn’t had any rain for ages and it was great to get the washing dry in no time. Mentioning a lack of rain always seems to be fatal, someone up there was listening and decided to rectify things!

The summerhouse seems to be standing up well to the downpour so it looks like we will be able to finish that project soon. My priorities are completely different from most peoples’ I think as planning the garden has been much more important to me than doing anything in the house.

6 thoughts on “Cladding the Summerhouse

    • Peggy Ann,
      That’s true, and the winter days seem so long if you’re just stuck in the house because of bad weather. I might just get the paint brushes out then.

  1. Exactly! I totally agree with Peggy! Garden work in the summer, especially when it has been as good as this summer has been. The shed looks fabulous! I haven’t room in my garden for a shed or summerhouse, but would love one! Have you seen the TV programme with George Clark on the Sheds of Britain? I love it! I’d love to have a holiday home shed somewhere up north west.

    • Evee,
      I did see that programme for the first time the other night, what amazing ‘sheds’ they were! I’ve always wanted The Broons but and ben or something similar but I don’t think they exist. Otherwise I would love an old signal box holiday home, there cecrtainly wouldn’t be much housework to do in one of those!

  2. It’s looking good! I must try your tactic to get it to rain. After our very wet spring and early summer we have been so very dry that I’ve had to water the garden a number of times.

    • Stefanie,
      I’m just watering this year as everything is just newly planted, hopefully next year they’ll be able to fend for themselves, we never seem to go long without heavy downpours.

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