Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy and My Garden

Beveridge  Park

During the week we had a walk around Beveridge Park, it’s the one place that we miss in Kirkcaldy, we knew we would miss it as it’s a lovely park and when we lived nearby we were in there most days. Nothing much has changed about it since we moved, the swans even have four cygnets this year, just like last year, they seem to have got the hang of it now.

Beveridge Park

At home, I’ve been busy digging up more grass and getting rid of it onto a compost heap and planting yet more things, just about every time we go out I come back with some plants. The bright pink feathery sort of flower in the foreground below is an astilbe. It’s enjoying life in that border as it’s a very dampish patch, just what that one needs. As you can see the land is very stoney as well as being claggy clay in some areas but I think it’s also full of nutrients, by the look of the growth that most of the plants have put on anyway.


The foxglove below is one which I bought at the St Andrews Botanic Garden, they usually have some good plants there and this one cost me all of £1. I managed to take a few foxgloves from my old garden, just the common variety but this one is a bit fancier, it has grown much taller since I took this photo.


Below is a photo of a rose called Lakeland, I think that’s what it’s called anyway but it might be Lakeside, I’ll have to check its label. It’s a climber and I quite like the flower but it has no scent and the leaves have the dreaded blackspot, as you can see I’m sure.
pink rose

In the same photo you can just see a baby rowan tree and the leaves of an agapanthus as well as leaves of a hypericum which have all still to flower. Those plants were all in one of the few tubs which I managed to bring from my old garden, the rowan tree seeded itself from my big tree, so it’s like having a bit of an old friend in the garden.

So the garden is beginning to actually feel like a garden now but I still have some ambitious plans for it, no garden is ever really finished, we’re always tweaking them, trying to find perfection.

Today we were working on the inside of the summerhouse and it’s almost finished, we just have to buy some moulding/beading to cover over the raw edges of the tongue and groove, then paint it. I can’t wait to get some of my books moved in there, hopefully next week.

8 thoughts on “Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy and My Garden

  1. Lovely to see how your garden is coming on. I can’t help myself and nearly always come home from a garden centre visit with a plant or two – or more! Recently I got a foxglove with pinky orange flowers which is very pretty, and a lovely pink rose – with a scent – oh dear, what’s its name? Can’t remember! A friend came round to advise me as to the planting of a whole load of plants, but some I can’t plant till after the wall behind the bed has been repointed. It’s the wall that had the ivy on it and it’s not in good shape!
    Good luck getting the summer house finished and your books in!

    • Meant to say that your baby rowan will be a sizeable tree in no time! When I got mine, about 4 or 5 years ago, it was just a stick and it has put on so much growth in those few years. This year there are lots of bunches of berries all getting redder by the day! Like many Scots, I love to have a rowan in my garden. Keeps witches away, of course! And it works! I’ve never seen a witch in the garden yet!!!

      • Evee,
        I know, those rowans are amazingly good at keeping those witches away, I wish my house roof had those pointy roof ridge tiles to stop them from sitting on my roof though! I have another rowan which I just bought and it’s bigger but still not old enough to have berries yet, hopefully next year!

    • Evee,
      We must both be plantaholics. I’m collecting seeds to plant soon, hoping I can multiply my collection. I really like that wall of yours, blocked up window and all, I miss my old garden wall.

  2. Used to meet a friend in Kirkcaldy every few weeks and we always went for a wander round Beveridge Park – a lovely place!
    Your garden is looking absolutely fantastic, a great selection of plants and nice to have old friends too. Like you my lawn is getting smaller as I constantly need space for more plants. I wish I could grow astilbe but it doesn’t seem to like my garden soil.
    Very dreich in Edinburgh today – an ideal day for painting the inside of a summerhouse. Or maybe just the day for a good book!!

    • Linda,
      It was a day for reading but I was in a car in Brechin, it was too wet to get out and have a look around the town, which is what I usually do if Jack is at a football match.
      I ended up with a teeny patch of grass in my last garden, I’m glad to know that you’re just the same – the more plants the merrier.

    • Stefanie,
      It is a great colour but I have a white one which is pretty boring during the day but it stands out nicely when it begins to get dark.

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