Lovely Blog Award

lovely blog award

At last I’m getting around to doing this after being honoured by being nominated by two other bloggers, Stefanie @ So Many Books and Lisa @ TBR 313. Thank you ladies.

I have to come up with seven little known facts about myself, which I’m finding very difficult as I think that I’m more or less an open book, and a fairly boring one at that, but here goes.

1. I’m a terrible procrastinator nowadays, I never used to be forever putting off doing things – honestly.

2. I really don’t like feet, especially my own.

3. I’ve recently signed up to do a free course on Hadrian’s Wall, (Jack says it won’t be comfy!) I did intend to do the Richard III course but I was too late to sign up. I refer you to number 1 above.

4. I used to do Scottish Highland dancing. I probably still could do it but a sports bra would be an important part of the equipment nowadays.

5. I have an absolute horror of flies and bluebottles. I would almost rather face a lion.

6. My ‘own’ surname (maiden name) doesn’t appear in modern Scottish books of surnames but does appear in ancient Scottish surname books. It’s so old it’s Viking.

7. I was the last person in my family to take up blogging, but the ‘children’ have more or less given up now, pressure of work and adult life I suppose.

I am supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers to receive the award but I’m just going to nominate everyone on my blogroll if they want to take part. In fact I detect that some have already been nominated and despite the fact that there are bloggers from all over the world on my list, we really have to get out more, well I certainly do anyway!

So if you are looking in on this post and you have a blog of your own and you fancy joining in then please do so and leave a link to your own blogpost in the comments.

16 thoughts on “Lovely Blog Award

  1. I knew I wouldn’t be the only one to nominate you 🙂

    When I visited the UK after college, the friend I was travelling with was insistent that we see Hadrian’s Wall. That still stands out in my memory. Will your course involve travel or site visits?

    • Lisa,
      Thanks again. I don’t think the course involves a visit but I have been there a few times already. I would really love to walk the length of the wall, maybe someday!

  2. I’ve signed up for the Hadrian’s Wall course on Futurelearn as well (I did the Richard III one last year). I live quite close to the wall so have visited various parts of it over the years and am looking forward to learning more about it. Congratulations on your blog award!

  3. Congratulations, Katrina, and you have included some very interesting facts there. It is funny, my husband says the same thing about feet.

    • TracyK,
      Thanks. We need our feet and they have to put up with such a lot of punishment from us but really they aren’t nice. Mind you I thought mine were bad until I saw 3 pairs on women I had to sit opposite recently – I felt quite ill!

  4. Katrina!
    I so totally agree that you richly deserve this award! That and more, because your blog is such a wonderful, fun, beautiful, and relaxing place to visit.

    I loved the 7 things you listed about yourself. I do hope that the Richard III class is offered again. And will the Hadrian’s Wall class require a visit–that would be so much fun, and how I wish I could join you.

    I think your birth name is quite Scandinavian. Very, very cool, I think. This summer I’ve had an absorbing fascination with the history of the Vikings in Britain. I even ordered one of the books produced for last year’s exhibit at the British Museum.

    And, I will confess, my procrastination is surely much, much worse than yours. I really need professional help, or maybe a Spartan house cleaner would be just the thing, though I’ll admit I procrastinate on business doings as well.

    Best of August to you!!

  5. Do you have any photos of you dancing you’d be willing to share? I don’t mind my feet even though my husband makes fun of them. He says they aren’t normal because my toes are almost all the same length. But I’m rather attached 🙂

    • Stefanie,
      Sadly I don’t have any photos of me doing the Highland Dancing, that’s what comes of being the fifth child – the novelty has worn off for parents! Your toes sound perfect for the dancing!

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