Groningen, the Netherlands

The biggest place which we visited during our recent Netherlands trip was the university town of Groningen. I like university towns because with a high population of young people they’re always vibrant.
Groningen bikes
We were well warned to be on the look-out for kamikaze cyclists, obviously there are always a lot of bikes around anywhere in the Netherlands but more so in university towns. In fact it wasn’t as dangerous an experience as Cambridge where the cyclists whizz around in a much more cavalier and dangerous fashion. Being so incredibly flat is obviously a big plus for cyclists, in fact I saw a lot of really elderly people who were still cycling and they looked like they were too old to be able to get about on their own, but they were doing fine, it’s a great way of keeping your legs strong it would seem.

Groningen Martini tower

The Martini Tower above seems to be the most famous landmark in Groningen. The photo below is of the sundial which is attached to the tower. I like sundials, especially when they are attached to ancient buildings like this.

Groningen tower sundial

Groningen old building

I took the photo above because I liked the look of the old building which must have started off as a grand venue for something but I didn’t manage to find out what its original use was, it’s now an eatery.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this poster in a bookshop window. It’s in English of course and it amazed me how much English there was about the place. It must make it easier for people to learn the language I suppose, everyone seems to speak English anyway. That’s just a few of the Groningen photos which I took, next time you’ll see the town from the canal.

Groningen Books sign

4 thoughts on “Groningen, the Netherlands

  1. Katrina,
    I’m enjoying all your photos of the Netherlands and naturally think I must go. I love the bookstore poster! Perfect! Tell us, did you purchase any books while you were there?

    • Judith,
      I only bought a copy of Rumer Godden’s Greengage Summer – in Dutch! I’m hoping to be able to read it eventually. I bought a Dutch/English dictionary when I got home. There was a good secondhand bookshop which had books in English too.

  2. Great photos of the Netherlands. I’d like to do a trip round the small villages sometime. I’ve kind of bought a campervan, so maybe one of these days I’ll be off across le Channel!
    I say kind of bought as I haven’t got it yet and although I paid a deposit on it, I still need to pay the rest! Hoping for collection tomorrow!

    • evee,
      Oh we thought about buying one, or I should say I did, but Jack didn’t fancy the idea. Hope it turns out to be a good buy for you. Holland seemed quite easy to drive around, just remember that cyclists always have the right of way!

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