Dolly by Susan Hill

Dolly by Susan Hill was a random choice from the library, it’s a ghost story and I thought I would give it a go in the run up to Halloween. I can’t honestly say that I was very impressed with it.

I must say that I’m not a big fan of ghost stories or anything spooky really, I’m not keen on being frightened especially as until recently I did live in a house which gave me more than a few spooky experiences over the years!

Dolly seems to me to be very deja vu-ish, there are elements of lots of old well known ghost stories, such as The Turn of the Screw, if I’m remembering correctly, but there are really no likeable characters so I wasn’t too bothered what happened to anyone in it. Young cousins Edward and Leonora are sent to stay with their aunt for the summer. Her house is in a remote part of the fen country.

So the setting is good and you can’t go far wrong with an old house in a ghost story, but I found the story itself to be unremarkable, not very scary at all and a bit boring as far as I was concerned anyway.

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    • Lisa,
      I’ll be following your example and dodging ghost stories too. There’s no point in bothering especially when you/we have so many other books to read.

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